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Lubań/Lauban – Old trading town

Lubań (once Lauban) is one of the oldest towns in Lower Silesia. Today in Poland, it is situated in the foothills of the Jizera Mountains, on the little River Kwisa. In the Middle Ages, significant trade and travel routes crossed here, making Lubań a town of merchants and craftsmen. Weaving and brew – ing in particular gave the town its good reputation in the region. Much of the wall built to encircle the town in 1318 still remains, a sign of Lubań's resistance to attackers. The 45-metre-high Brüderturm Tower also dates back to this period. There are also buildings which have graced the town since the 14th to 16th centuries, including the Marienkirche (Church ).

Aerial photograph

Aerial photograph (Source: Firma Foto-VIDEO B.Z.Chojeta)

Lubań/Lauban – Fascinating surroundings

The surroundings of Lubań, with their numerous natural and historical sights, are the perfect place for excursions. Nature trails such as the “Trail of the extinct volcanoes” and natural monuments such as the “Steinberg Hill Park and Basalt Cone” convey fascinating insights into the history of the earth. The nearby castles in Czocha and in Kliczkow bear witness to eventful times. They are romantic hotels today. To the south of Lubań, there is the resort of Swieradów-Zdrój, valued for four centuries for its mineral springs and medicinal moor. From here, there are many opportu- nities for walking, cycling and winter sports.


Marketplace (Source: Pawel Sokolowski)



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City information centre Lubań
59-800 Lubań
ul. Bracka 12

Phone: +48 (75) 7222541


Lusatian Development Centre – Lusatian Gallery
59-800 Lubań
Rynek, Sukiennice 38

Phone: +48 (75) 6464484


Regional Museum
59-800 Lubań
Rynek, Ratusz 1

Phone: +48 (75) 7223213


Municipal Arts Centre
59-800 Lubań
ul. Tadeusza Kosciuszk 4

Phone: +48 (75) 6462340


Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre
59-800 Lubań
ul. Rózana 2

Phone: +48 (75) 6460606


Zamek Czocha (Czocha Castle)
Hotel and Museum
(first fortification, torture chamber)
59-820 Leśna

Phone: +48 (75) 7211553


Zamek Kliczkow (Kliczkow Castle) Hotel (guided tours)


Swieradow-Zdroj resort
Tradition-steeped health resort (medicinal water and moor)
59-850 Świeradów-Zdrój

Phone: +48 (75) 7816350