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Upper Lusatia.Cultural

The Upper Lusatian Six Towns League

Six towns of Upper Lusatia – Bautzen, Görlitz, Kamenz, Lauban, Löbau and Zittau – concluded an alliance for the joint protection of the trade routes in 1346. At that time, public peace in this region was often in danger. Upper Lusatia awakened desires among the sovereigns of the surrounding regions. Significant routes, such as the Via Regia, were stricken by highwaymen. The Six Towns League was given the blessing of the later Emperor Karl the Fourth. Under his aegis, the cities experienced boom years and a cultural revival. Splendid town halls and middle-class houses, majestic churches and proud fortifications bear witness to that time and create a unique aura combining throbbing life of the present with the breath of great history.

Bautzen Altstadt Görlitz Untermarkt Kamenz Marktplatz mit Rathaus




Lauban Löbau Rathaus Zittau Neustadt




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