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Regional projects

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Regional projects

The landing page aims to provide an overview of the region and name competent contacts.

We as Marketing-Gesellschaft Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien mbH (MGO) are a company of the districts of Bautzen and Görlitz as well as the regional savings banks. We see ourselves as an agency-like company with expertise in networking, development and marketing projects, particularly in the tourism industry. In addition, we take on projects outside the traditional tourism industry on behalf of shareholders or on our own initiative as required.

It is therefore important to us to appoint contacts for specific sectors and areas of interest whose expertise goes beyond our own.

A further concern is to present regional projects within our own sphere of influence and to offer them an appealing framework for presentation and interaction. We are pursuing this aim with the "Regional projects" section and the topic-related landing pages. This overview does not claim to be a comprehensive presentation of all initiatives and projects in the Upper Lusatia region.

Upper Lusatia Business Day

The Upper Lusatia Business Day is an annual event organized by the districts of Bautzen and Görlitz. Held on the first Thursday in November each year in Löbau, the event primarily serves to honor the entrepreneurs of Upper Lusatia. The Upper Lusatian Entrepreneur Award is also presented during this day. The Upper Lusatia Business Day was launched in 2018 and is set to become the most important networking event in the region. We as MGO are commissioned by the districts with the organization and implementation.

To the business day

Upper Lusatian Entrepreneur Award

The Upper Lusatian Entrepreneur Prize is awarded annually to three entrepreneurs of equal standing. The prize has existed since 1996 and has been awarded by the two districts of Bautzen and Görlitz since 2014. From 2017 onwards, the jury members will develop proposals for the annual focus of the competition, which will be decided by the districts. The prize is awarded as part of the Oberlausitz Business Day. We as MGO are a member of the jury and are commissioned by the districts with the organization and implementation.

To the Upper Lusatian Entrepreneur Award

Upper Lusatia skilled labor campaign

The skilled labor campaign "Punktlandung Oberlausitz" was developed in 2018 and placed on the market for the first time. The campaign was created as part of a project funded by the skilled labor alliances of the districts of Bautzen and Görlitz. The first placement was also funded. The idea behind this regional campaign is to market key projects and initiatives in Upper Lusatia to the outside world with a recognizable face. The aim is to make it easier for potential returnees or applicants to find their way around the region.

To the skilled labor campaign

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