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Atemberaubende Oberlausitz - Bewegende Erlebnisse in einer charaktervollen Urlaubsregion

Breathtaking Upper Lusatia Moving experiences in a holiday region full of character

Breathtaking Upper Lusatia

Moving experiences in a holiday region full of character

Breathtaking Upper Lusatia © Peter Wilhelm

Attractive and impressive

The Neisseland

Between the European City of Görlitz-Zgorzelec and Bad Muskau, the Neisseland stretches along the eponymous border river with its lush green meadows and dense forests.

The Neisseland is full of surprises. You can spend the night in the tree house hotel in the secret world of Turisede, enjoy a coffee on the Neisse, admire architectural gems such as the Schrotholz houses in Rietschen and the modernist buildings in Niesky, dive into the water worlds of the Krauschwitz Adventure World and, of course, visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Prince Pückler Park.

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The European City of Görlitz-Zgorzelec

The European city of Görlitz-Zgorzelec is currently on everyone's lips under the title "Görliwood" and is undoubtedly one of the tourist hotspots of Upper Lusatia.

Görlitz has made a name for itself in the industry as a backdrop for international film productions and long before its cinematic career, Görlitz attracted enthusiastic guests with its magnificent old town, around 4,000 architectural monuments, numerous museums and established events. St. Peter's Church, the Holy Sepulchre, the Old Town Bridge, the Fat Tower and the Art Nouveau department store can hardly be missing from a vacation photo.

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The Zittau Mountains Nature Park

Excursionists who have climbed the highest points in Upper Lusatia are rewarded with magnificent views across Upper Lusatia and into the border triangle with Poland and the Czech Republic.

In one of the smallest nature parks in Germany, rugged sandstone cliffs and bizarre rock formations are lined up side by side. Hikers are drawn to the Lausche, the Hochwald or the Oybin, climbers try their hand at tricky climbs and families puzzle over which imaginative figures they will encounter in the stone zoo. Each town has its own profile. Großschönau is known as a textile village, in Oybin there are myths surrounding the ruins of the castle and monastery complex and Jonsdorf has been designated a family-friendly town.

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The Upper Lusatian Highlands

Gentle hills, idyllic villages with half-timbered house architecture and cosy mountain huts characterize the Upper Lusatian Highlands.

From the legendary Kottmar mountain, the Upper Lusatian uplands meander along the River Spree to the gates of Bautzen. The Spree has three sources: the highest is on the Kottmar, the richest in Neugersdorf and the most beautiful in Ebersbach. Sights such as the Faktorenhof, the Alte Mangel, the Reiterhaus, the Sohland reservoir and the Körse-Therme spa are lined up along the course of the river. The Umgebindehauspark in Cunewalde and the Wilthener Pumphutsteig are popular detours.

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Western Lusatia

One of the most beautiful country baroque buildings in Saxony, the baroque Rammenau Castle, radiates far beyond the tourist region and attracts visitors from near and far. Anyone who travels through  Westlausitz will encounter many cultural and craft traditions.

West Lusatia shows its most beautiful sides from a bicycle. Four themed tours connect the sweet Pulsnitz gingerbread, traditional blue printing, filigree pottery and stone granite quarrying. Camping fans can unwind in the multi-award-winning LuxOase, families....

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The town of Bautzen and the Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape

In the heart of Upper Lusatia, Bautzen, the city of towers, towers above the River Spree with its striking silhouette dominated by the Alte Wasserkunst.

In the old town, buildings and sights to be admired stand side by side and bear witness to an eventful history. From the city's many accessible towers, the view often sweeps over the Bautzen reservoir and into the UNESCO Upper Lusatian Heath and Pond Landscape Biosphere Reserve. Here you can get up close and personal with nature and understand why this green treasure is affectionately known as the "land of 1,000 ponds". Culinary highlights include Lusatian fish (mainly carp), Sorbian cuisine and, of course, Bautz'ner mustard.

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The Lusatian Lakeland

In the north of Upper Lusatia, bordering Brandenburg, the Lusatian Lakeland - a landscape in transition - is constantly changing its face.

Maritime flair, cosy beach chairs, red and white striped lighthouses and fine-grained shoreline sand symbolize the largest man-made water landscape in Europe. In addition to refreshing breaks by, in and on the water, the Lusatian Lakeland has a whole other side to offer. The landscape is changing. Open-cast mining pits are being flooded, lakes are being made navigable via connecting canals, port facilities are being built and more and more attractive offers are being created for holidaymakers and day trippers.  Whether by bike, on inline skates,  on a fast-paced quad bike or relaxing on a boat, impressive perspectives open up.

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When the range of holiday wishes is so broad that high mountains and glittering lakes, pulsating cities and picturesque places, short distances and wide views, active tours and relaxed moments, colorful action and sophisticated culture do not seem to fit into a single holiday destination is the Upper Lusatia the perfect tip!

It has everything to do justice to these wishes and fulfill whatever your heart desires!

The lively region invigorates and refreshes, brings color into the gray everyday life and is a tempting temporary home.

Overwhelming landscape scenes flow into one another, authentic places reveal their secrets to guests, rousing highlights showcase artistic skills and passionate hosts invite you to enjoyable hours.

Sports enthusiasts, active vacationers, culture-interested city travelers, event-hungry couples and fun-oriented family vacationers all get their money's worth in Upper Lusatia.

In the border triangle with Poland and the Czech Republic, there are hardly any limits to relaxation!

Those who do not want to make up their minds immediately among the abundance of exciting offers can get to know Upper Lusatia in other ways and travel to its tourist areas. The Neisseland, the city of Görlitz, the Zittau Mountains Nature Park, the Upper Lusatian Bergland, the West Lusatia, Bautzen and the Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape as well as the Saxon-Brandenburg Lusatian Lake District fit together like a puzzle made up of seven parts. Each “piece of the puzzle” exudes its own charm and is worth a visit.

Tourist areas of Upper Lusatia

Useful information for your visit

Where is the best place to go hiking?

The Zittau Mountains Nature Park and the Upper Lusatian Highlands are particularly recommended for hiking. The Oberlausitzer Bergweg (Upper Lusatian Mountain Trail) has been designated a Wanderbares Deutschland quality trail and runs from the pottery town of Neukirch/Lausitz to  Zittau, the town of fasting cloths.

Which cycle paths are most worthwhile?

The cycle paths along the Spree and Neisse rivers lead through medieval and romantic towns, picturesque villages and fascinating landscapes. "OL 100 - Oberlausitz radherum" takes you right across the entire region on the most beautiful routes.

Which events should you definitely experience?

There is a wealth of worthwhile events throughout the year. Highlights include the Easter Ride, the summer theater, the Jacobi Market and the ViaThea.

You can find an overview of all events in our calendar of events.

What does Upper Lusatia taste like?

Upper Lusatia tastes sweet like Pulsnitz gingerbread, spicy like Bautzen mustard, hearty like Oberlausitzer "Teichelmauke" (beef with broth, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes), savory like Lusatian fish or spicy like one of the many well-known types of beer.

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