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Mobile through Upper Lusatia

Mobile through Upper Lusatia

Mobile through Upper Lusatia

Mobile through Upper Lusatia

Mobile through Upper Lusatia

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On the way by train,

The ZVON area (Zweckverband Verkehrsverbund Oberlausitz Niederschlesien) lies between Bischofswerda, Zittau, Görlitz and Weißwasser. Trains operated by the railroad companies Die Länderbahn GmbH (TRILEX) and Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH (ODEG) run here. They form the local rail passenger transport (SPNV) in our region.
Depending on the route, the trains run every half hour to every two hours. The ZVON has a standardized fare system, so you only need one ticket for your journey, regardless of whether you use a train, streetcar or bus and which transport company takes you to your destination.

You can find out about ticket prices here.

Click here for information on the ZVON network.

... by bus,

The bus services in the ZVON area are varied. Eight transport companies operate city and regional services for you.
Supplemented by Plus and TaktBuses, which provide connections at train stations and shorten transfer times at important stops. Designed and financed by the districts of Bautzen, Görlitz and the city of Görlitz, on whose behalf the transport companies operate on a daily basis.

Here you can find information about the Mobil service:
District of Bautzen       District of Görlitz

... with the Zittau narrow-gauge railroad,

Experience a journey through time with steam locomotives and historic vehicles!
A ride on the Zittau narrow-gauge railroad is an extraordinary experience for young and old.
The train runs several times a day between Zittau and the spa town of Oybin or the spa town of Jonsdorf.
Passengers can also take part in special trips throughout the year, including night trips and Advent tours.

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... or with the Muskau forest railroad.

In the north between Weißwasser and the unique landscape parks of Bad Muskau and Kromlau, the historic steam and diesel locomotives of the Muskau forest railroad are in operation. As a museum railroad, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the ZVON region. 
The trains depart from Kromlau, four kilometers away. There, the rhododendron park and the famous photo motif of the Rakotzbrücke bridge attract day trippers.
Another route leads to Bad Muskau. In the UNESCO World Heritage Prince Pückler Park, guests can explore the castle and park on foot, by bike or in a horse-drawn carriage.

Note: ZVON day tickets and the EURO-NEISSE-Ticket+ are easily accepted at .

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3 countries - one ticket.

With the EURO-NEISSE-Ticket+ on the road in the border triangle.

  • for any number of journeys in the ZVON and on many routes in Poland and the Czech Republic according to the current route list
  • for 1 to 5 people (regardless of age) - it is not permitted to increase the group size or change people after the start of the journey
  • the Plus+ stands for discounts which you can obtain from the tourist partners of the ZVON if you travel with this ticket

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PlusBus and TaktBus

Reliable lines that connect town and country.

A standardized year-round schedule guarantees the same departure times on the same routes. Throughout Saxony, more than 100 reliable PlusBus and 70 TaktBus routes connect town and country.

  • The buses run at least every two hours on weekdays between 5.00 a.m. and 9.00 p.m.
  • Same timetable on school and vacation days
  • uniform routing
  • Connections to trains, transition usually max. 10 minutes

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3 Länder, ein Ticket - Mit dem EURO-NEISSE-Ticket+ unterwegs in Tschechien und Polen.

ZVON - LinienKurier

Die schönsten Seiten des ZVON-Verbunds zum Durchblättern: Im "LinienKurier" stellen wir Ihnen interessante Themen rund um den ÖPNV und SPNV in der Region samt Freizeitzielen vor.


Im ZVON-Liniennetzplan finden Sie den Gesamtliniennetzplan für den Regionalverkehr im ZVON-Verbundgebiet sowie alle Stadtverkehrspläne.

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