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Specialists campaign "Precision landing in Upper Lusatia"

Specialists campaign

"Precision landing in Upper Lusatia"

Campaign motif skilled workers © OEGraphic

As part of a project, the Marketing-Gesellschaft Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien mbH is using the "Punktlandung Oberlausitz" skilled worker campaign to attract skilled workers and returnees - together with regional initiatives and projects. The campaign aims to market Upper Lusatia as an attractive place to live and work. Specialists and workers who live outside the region should perceive Upper Lusatia as such. By networking offers, initiatives and events of Upper Lusatian stakeholders with each other, potential returnees and skilled workers should gain a comprehensive insight into their opportunities.

The skilled workers campaign markets the region to the outside world as an attractive employer and employee brand and is intended to contribute to satisfying the demand for skilled workers among Upper Lusatian employers. The communicative core of the project is Upper Lusatia as a strong region with prospects. It presents positive and relevant, hard and soft location factors that speak in favor of returning or moving to the region. Furthermore, the awareness and perception of skilled worker and returnee exchanges, job portals and placement offers are supported. This creates added value for the entire region.

The campaign's target group is the so-called MINT occupational groups, i.e. people who work in the fields of mathematics, IT, natural sciences and technology.

For information on job exchanges and portals, forerunners, contacts in the region and the campaign, visit

This measure is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget approved by the members of the Saxon state parliament.

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