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Einmalig! Die Urlaubsregion Oberlausitz

Unique! The holiday region of Upper Lusatia


The holiday region of Upper Lusatia

Muskauer Park Driveway to the new castle © Rene Egmont Pech

Moments of happiness in Upper Lusatia

Family adventure in Upper Lusatia with the FIDO family - check in!

Experience a unique family vacation too. The FIDO family is right in the middle of it all!

FIDO family: these are Mama Frauke (36 years), daughter Ida (10 years), father Dirk (39 years) and son Ole (5 years). You have already heard a lot about the diverse offers in the Upper Lusatia region and are now spending your summer holiday here for the first time. Everyone is looking forward to exciting experiences and a wonderful "time together". It doesn't matter whether the FIDO family wants to be active in sports, is enthusiastic about culture on another day or is hungry for adventure - they are guaranteed to find the right offer.

Family FIDO »To the experience reports«

Explore the Sorbian culture

This smallest Slavic people has preserved its language and customs in a German environment to this day. The public signage (place-name signs, signposts) in the region is bilingual, Sorbian and German.

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Exceptional hiking experiences

The Oberlausitzer Bergweg offers you incomparable hiking pleasure in the midst of wild and romantic nature. Wide views of mountain peaks alternate with idyllic valleys. Along the way, you will discover pretty villages with traditional Upper Lusatian half-timbered houses, cultural treasures and scenic highlights.

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Fascinating cultural experience

Upper Lusatian culture is fascinating and exciting at the same time. You can explore magnificent buildings and sacred treasures, urban beauties, film sets and insider tips here.
The unique buildings in green oases, which you will find in the World Heritage Site Muskauer Park or in one of the other beautiful gardens and palaces in the region, are a delight for all the senses.
At least as worth seeing are the half-timbered houses, which are a real feast for the eyes thanks to their artistic slate facades.
Upper Lusatia is also home to the Sorbs. As the smallest Slavic people, they still preserve their rich traditions today, which are particularly celebrated at Easter time.

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Bautzen & Görlitz in the historic League of Six Towns

The historic towns of Upper Lusatia: Bautzen, Görlitz, Kamenz, Löbau, Lubań (Poland) and Zittau invite you to explore the historic pavement.

The Upper Lusatian League of Six Towns was founded in Löbau in 1346 as an important mutual assistance pact. The alliance lasted almost 500 years before it became less and less important. Today, the towns of the League of Six Towns are very special attractions for travelers from near and far. Magnificent town houses, proud churches and defensive fortifications bear witness to the era when the towns were united in the medieval alliance.

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The best of the Neisse and Spree

The best of Upper Lusatia along the Neisse and Spree rivers is the twin cycle path. The cycle paths along the two rivers are equally enchanting and have different temperaments. They cross the most beautiful areas and places in Upper Lusatia. The cycle paths can be combined to form a circular cycle route - the Oberlausitz twin cycle path. A trip on the 270 km long circular cycle route is recommended from April to October. 

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Discover the famil-o-mat!

You will receive the right answer to the question "What are we doing today?":
With our new online tool for families, you have the opportunity to discover great offers from various leisure facilities in Upper Lusatia. How old are your children? What would you like to experience today? In which area are you looking for an excursion? These and other details in famil-o-mat will help you find your next and very personal family adventure.

As the leisure facilities update and maintain their own content in the database, you always have access to the latest information. Perfectly equipped with everything you need to know, nothing stands in the way of your vacation experience or the day trip afterwards.

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Out and about with kids

For a very relaxed family vacation, the Oberlausitzer Freizeitknüller offer a colorful spectrum of over 40 facilities for young and old.

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Experience your Saxony

You have to experience Saxony! Saxony is the land of natural wonders and art treasures. Saxony is low mountain range and high culture, viticulture and mining, Saxony is a stroll through town and country, bike tour and hiking trail, narrow-gauge railway and steamboat trips. Saxony is difficult to describe and easy to get to. Saxony is unique, 365 days a year - and Upper Lusatia is part of this wonderful piece of earth!


In the vacation region of Upper Lusatia, in the east of Saxony, you can expect a variety of experiences that will make your vacation unforgettable.

The towns of Bautzen and Görlitz are real gems and with their fascinating old towns. Bautzen impresses with its medieval charm, historic city walls and imposing towers. Görlitz, on the other hand, is famous for its unique film set and has already served as a location for numerous films. Here you can experience the backdrops of the big screen up close.

Upper Lusatia offers three different UNESCO awards in the smallest of spaces. These awards are real treasures waiting to be discovered by you.

Active enthusiasts can enjoy the twin cycle path get their money's worth. This connects the Oder-Neisse cycle path with the Spree cycle path to create a unique circular tour through the region. Explore the beauty of Upper Lusatia by bike and be enchanted by nature.

Hiking enthusiasts are attracted by the certified quality hiking trail - the Upper Lusatian Mountain Trail. This leads you over the most beautiful hilltops and picturesque villages in the region and promises spectacular views. No wonder it is one of the 10 most beautiful hiking trails in the whole of Germany according to a survey by Wandermagazin.

If you prefer a more spiritual experience, you should head for the paths of the Via Sacra trails. Here you will find over 20 sacred sites on a route that stretches as far as the Czech Republic and Poland. A journey through history and culture awaits you.

There are also there are numerous adventures for families to experience. Discover time giants or explore a tree house - if you can't decide, the famil-o-mat will help you find the perfect family experience.

Your vacation in Upper Lusatia will be an unforgettable journey full of special encounters - whether alone, as a couple, in a group or with your family. Welcome to Upper Lusatia! Witajće k nam w Hornjej Łužicy!

Upper Lusatia at your fingertips

Von Händlern und Herrschern im Oberlausitzer Sechsstädtebund

Entdecken Sie eine Zeitreise durch die Oberlausitz! Der Oberlausitzer Sechsstädtebund! Über viele Jahrhunderte waren sechs Oberlausitzer Städte attraktive Anlaufpunkte für Geschäftsreisende aus vieler Herren Länder. Zum gemeinsamen Schutz vor Feinden und Räubern gründeten Bautzen, Görlitz, Kamenz, Lubań, Löbau und Zittau im Jahre 1346 den Oberlausitzer Sechsstädtebund. Erst  im  Jahr  1815  wurde  der  Sechsstädtebund  als  Folge  des  Wiener  Kongresses aufgelöst. Dennoch  sind diese sechs Städte immer ganz besondere Anziehungspunkte für Reisende aus aller Welt. Sie staunen über prächtige Bürgerhäuser, stolze  Kirchen  und  wehrhafte  Befestigungsanlagen  aus  der  Epoche,  die  jene sechs Städte zusammenschmiedete.

Die Imagebroschüre Oberlausitz

Mit dieser Broschüre möchten wir Lust und Neugier wecken, die Oberlausitz selbst zu erkunden. Wir haben Geschichten ausgewählt, die Spannendes und Hervorhebenswertes  erzählen. In acht Kapiteln werden Landschaften und Kulturschätze, historische Ereignisse und Persönlichkeiten der Oberlausitz vorgestellt, die auf jeweils individuelle Weise Einzigartiges verkörpern.

Urlaub in der Heimat der Herrnhuter Sterne

Herzlich willkommen im Land der Herrnhuter Sterne! Mit  dieser Broschüre schicken wir Sie auf Entdeckungsreise: Vom Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge über das Oberlausitzer Bergland, die städtebauliche Perle Görlitz, die Stadt der Türme Bautzen bis hin zum Lausitzer Seenland  und  dem UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe Fürst-Pückler-Park Bad Muskau erwarten Sie zahlreiche  spannende Angebote für unvergessliche Erlebnisse .  

Ob Kulturgenuss oder aktive Erholung, ob Städtebummel oder Landschaftspark – hier ist für jedes Gemüt und Wetter etwas dabei!

Das Ferienmagazin Oberlausitz 2024

Die Ferienregion Oberlausitz bietet ihren Besuchern vielfältige Kultur- und Aktivangebote, jahrhundertlange Geschichte, einzigartiges Brauchtum und reizvolle Landschaften. Das Ferienmagazin führt seine Leser in die mittelalterlichen Städte wie Bautzen, Görlitz, Zittau, Kamenz und Hoyerswerda, in die reizvollen Gegenden wie den Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge oder das Lausitzer Seenland. Es informiert über die Sorbische Kultur, die Baukunst der Umgebindehäuser, stellt herzliche Gastgeber und typische Oberlausitzer vor. Veranstaltungstipps laden in die Region ein.

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