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Graveling in the Upper Lusatia

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Explore breathtaking nature

Challenge and variety

The Upper Lusatian mountain region extends with its dense forests, idyllic villages and countless half-timbered houses in the south of Upper Lusatia. On the granite mountains with their challenging climbs and rooty trails, lookout towers with spectacular views await. But the challenging descents also demand everything from your skills. A mountain bike trip in Upper Lusatia means pure variety!

Panoramic summit views on the XTERRA trail

On the XTERRA trail, you can put your riding skills, athletic ability and thirst for adventure to the test. Descents, which are blocked or lead over sometimes very rooty trails, single trail passages or 20% inclines put a lot of pressure on the pedals. Even top athletes have a lot of respect for this route. 

Landscape diversity

Nature lovers can also experience a variety of scenic highlights, as the route leads past 60 hectares of glistening water at Lake Olbersdorf and into the heights of the Zittau Mountains with their sandstone formations and bizarre shaped rocks. The highlight of this route is the second-largest peak in Upper Lusatia, the 749-metre-high Hochwald. Meter by meter, you fight your way closer to the summit. The next viewing tower with its stunning views over the Zittau Mountains awaits.

Black Mountain Bike Park Elstra

At the Black Mountain Bikepark on the 413-metre-high Schwarzenberg in Elstra, you can take the ski lift up and whizz down into the valley on your own mountain bike .

More information about the Black Mountain Bikepark can be found here. 

Insider tip: Graveling in the border triangle

Exciting reports on the cycling experience

In May 2021, three fearless men explored the regions around the border triangle and beyond. The journey started in the Lenten cloth town of Zittau and led through parts of the Jizera Mountains in the Czech Republic to the Polish town of Löwenberg, where the Löwenberg Switzerland can be found in the southern part of the town. The tour was a real gravel adventure and passed through remote forests and rugged country lanes.


Read more here!

Good to know

"Take only memories with you, leave nothing but tire tracks."

According to the (slightly modified) quote from Chief Seattle we also want to point out tracks that we should urgently pay attention to.

However, these are not so much tire tracks, but rather the tracks of insects, especially the bark beetle.
You can find out everything you need to know about the small beetle, its tracks and the Upper Lusatian forests at :

Bark beetle in Upper Lusatia

Rapid descents and challenging off-road adventures

Questions and answers

Are there daily routes?

Yes, they do exist. For those who like a challenge, the Zittau Mountains just right. You can find a suggested route here.

Where can I find some trails?

Here, too, the Zittau Mountains is the right address. It's not just the views that are special, but also the terrain. A mixture of needle-covered forest paths and rough sandstone rocks provide the ideal basis for solid, grippy trails. Everything is on offer: from technical descents over small stone massifs to relaxing forest path passages.

How can I get here?

The best alternative is to travel by train. Both Bautzen & Görlitz and Zittau have good public transport connections.

You can find out more here:

Where can I hire a bike?

The best address for renting bikes is Little John Bikes in Görlitz (Tel.: 03581 - 313166). Not only can bikes be rented there, but delivery within the region is also available on request.

What impact does the bark beetle have on my gravel tour?

The bark beetle is part of the forest ecosystem. Even if its reputation has suffered greatly in recent years, it has always been a part of the forest. However, climatic changes are favoring the development of the insects and the visible extent in the forests of Upper Lusatia, Germany and Central Europe. You can find out why some forests are more affected than others, what you can do as a cyclist   and lots of other interesting information here:

Bark beetle in Upper Lusatia

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