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Unique! The children's adventure land of Upper Lusatia

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Family vacation in Upper Lusatia

Leisure scoop

One wants a leisurely hike, the other action and thrills. One likes museums, the other prefers relaxing hours in the swimming pool. It is not always easy to reconcile different preferences when planning a vacation, especially for families. So it's all the better that there is something for everyone in Upper Lusatia!

More than 35 facilities from the region present their offers for families with their "Freizeitknüllern". There are climbing tours in the high ropes course and wild rides in a rubber dinghy or on a monster scooter. Cozy evenings in the unique tree house hotel and walks with alpacas. Exciting hands-on exhibitions in varied museums and delicate handicrafts with famous poinsettias. Upper Lusatia awaits explorers of all ages!

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Cycling tours with children

Upper Lusatia is cycling country. There are many attractive route suggestions for families in particular. Of course, all of them include information on length, places of interest along the route and elevation profile. If you are unsure whether your young cyclists can manage the tour, you will find all the necessary information to get a good overview in advance.

Whether in the saddle or comfortably in the trailer on their parents' bike, variety along the route is a must for young pedal riders - otherwise they may be in a bad mood. The motto should therefore be: The journey is the reward! There are therefore many exciting routes to discover in Upper Lusatia. Watercourses for cooling footbaths, playgrounds for running around or lakes for throwing stones invite you to take child-friendly bike breaks along the routes.

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Hiking with children

Get out of the daily grind and into nature. When hiking together, families can relax far away from computers, smartphones and the like, which take up so much of their attention these days. However, to ensure that hiking is really stress-free, it is advisable to find a suitable route for all hikers in advance. There are many tours suitable for children in Upper Lusatia.

The vacation region offers a variety of landscapes. The Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape will delight even the youngest children with its idyllic paths along countless ponds and watercourses. The Oberlausitzer Bergland and the Zittauer Gebirge, on the other hand, are high up for everyone. A hike along the adventure trail on the Butterberg in West Lusatia or on the Drachenberge geological trail in the Neißeland offers exciting experiences. There is something for everyone.

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Excursion destinations with children

What are we doing today? Many parents are familiar with this question from little explorers. After all, every day is a new adventure for children. They gain experience and get to know the world better bit by bit. It's a good thing that there are numerous excursion destinations in Upper Lusatia that offer the youngest a variety of experiences.     

It's not just nature that attracts families to the vacation region for hiking or cycling. Various museums know how to convey their themes in an exciting way with family-friendly offers. Visitors can also learn about traditional crafts and try them out for themselves in workshops. Always popular with the kids: amusement parks and zoos. Water rats also get their money's worth in Upper Lusatia. Outdoor and indoor pools lure you into the cool water.

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Events with children

Pumpkins with their carved smiles are also part of Halloween in this country. In Upper Lusatia, however, the turnip competes with them in the fall. The region traditionally celebrates the Flenntippelfest, the turnip festival. It is just one of numerous events that families with children can experience in Upper Lusatia.

With special offers for the younger generation, facilities and organizers in the vacation region provide unique moments. Formats specially tailored to young people and children leave boredom no chance - and promise a large portion of new experiences. It goes without saying that adults won't run out of things to do either.

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Offers and accommodation

Everyone knows hotel rooms, vacation apartments or vacation homes. But how about an overnight stay in a tree house? Or in a floating house on the water? Or in a lovingly renovated half-timbered house with a cozy wooden parlor? Families will find plenty of unusual accommodation in Upper Lusatia. Here, even going to bed is a little adventure that will delight children in particular.

Numerous hosts in the region look forward to welcoming visitors. They offer a comprehensive service to ensure that everyone has a relaxing vacation. Those who prefer to spend the night under a starry sky instead of a solid roof will also find various offers in Upper Lusatia. The campsites in the vacation region impress with their attractive location and relaxing nature experiences.

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Germany's most exciting children's adventure land

Here you can look a dinosaur in the mouth, slide down the hump of a walrus or sleep in a tree house! And that's not all: yes, Upper Lusatia is a huge adventure land for children. Whether you are sporty and active or hungry for fun and adventure: numerous indoor and outdoor experiences await you. 

A thousand lakes and a hundred mountains

Relax in the land of "a thousand lakes and a hundred mountains" and enjoy time with the family. Upper Lusatia is characterized by a variety of landscapes - from the beach feeling in the north to mountain panoramas in the south. Ideal for a family vacation in nature - and your very own micro-adventure in Upper Lusatia.

According to Ranger Lorenz from the UNESCO biosphere reserve Upper Lusatian Heath and Pond Landscape, there are almost 1,000 ponds and lakes in the Saxon part of Upper Lusatia. The "hundred mountains" and an almost endless network of hiking trails also offer the best conditions for a varied and active stay.

If you like cycling, there are numerous family-friendly cycle tours.

Familienabenteuer bei den Freizeitknüllern

Familienausflüge in der Oberlausitz – die machen nicht nur die Jüngsten glücklich. Die beliebte Urlaubsregion ist das ideale Reiseziel für die ganze Familie. Hier gibt es für jeden etwas zu erleben: von aufregenden Outdoor-Aktivitäten wie Klettertouren oder Paddelausflügen bis hin zu entspannten Badbesuchen und spannenden Einblicken in Museen.

Diese Broschüre stellt den abwechslungsreichen Mix aus einzigartiger Natur, historischen Sehenswürdigkeiten und einem breiten Spektrum an Freizeitmöglichkeiten vor. Das sorgt für unvergessliche Erlebnisse für Jung und Alt.

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