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Graveling in the border triangle

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Graveling in the border triangle Bloggers have explored this multifaceted region

Graveling in the border triangle

Bloggers have explored this multifaceted region

Landscape © Bernd Schadowski

Action-packed gravel landscapes

The regions of Upper Lusatia and Silesia in the border triangle (Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic) offer plenty of action for the gravel bike in addition to their cultural wealth. Steep climbs on bizarre sandstone and granite formations in the Zittau and Jizera Mountains reward you with unique views. Remote forests and rugged country lanes make you forget any form of stress after the first 20 km. From time to time, the rapid descents also give you a little adrenaline kick. Highlights of the tour include the historic town of Zittau, Friedland Castle and the small town of Löwenberg in Poland.

Here you will find testimonials about an exploratory tour that had it all - and left lasting impressions!

Testimonials from Bernd Schadowski and Thomas Terbeck

At the beginning of May 2021, Bernd Schadowski (bike travel luck) and Thomas Terbeck (BikingTom) set off together with tour guide Christian Hacker from Transost. The new gravel route with plenty of elevation gain leads over beautiful country lanes and remote forests directly to Löwenberg.   Bernd Schadowski  and Thomas Terbeck have written detailed articles about this tour. 

To the article by Bernd Schadowski     To the article by Thomas Terbeck

That was the tour!

"Starting at Zittau railroad station, the route passed directly through the historic center of the city. From there, the route headed east past the Dreiländerpunkt towards the Jizera Mountains. Stations such as the Kahleberg or the Buschullersdorfer Spitzberg now lay between the next largest town, Frydland. The route led along lonely country lanes and idyllic forest paths to Löwenberg. The small town of Löwenberg has a beautiful market square, while Brunow Castle, just 4 km away, and the nearby lake offer relaxation on the beach. The view of the eponymous Löwenberg, a sandstone formation similar to those in Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland, offers a wonderful view. From there, the route continued on the Polish side of the country to Hirschberg, later climbing steeply uphill again to Bad Flinsberg. Once there, the route crossed the Jizera Mountains again, passing Haindorf and Liberec. The round trip ended at Zittau railroad station."


The Polish town of Löwenberg is an idyllic small town in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship and has around 8,870 inhabitants. In addition to the town hall and the beautiful parish church, there is also a monastery, town houses, a Renaissance castle  and the Löwenberg Switzerland to the south of the town.

Every year, also hosts the "Löwenberger Agate Summer", which has now been held for the 21st time. This series of events is a paradise for amateur geologists and is one of the largest mineral fairs in the world. Great exhibitions, presentations, concerts and numerous other attractions for children attract families in particular. In Löwenberger Schweiz, you can explore a variety of gravel and mountain bike trails and take part in the first competitions. 


Blogger photos show the potential of this region


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