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Cycling with children

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Cycling tours with children

Cycling tours with children

Or Neisse cycle path Berzdorfer See © Philipp Herfort
Cycling tours with children

Cycling tours with children

Family bike tour Oder Neisse cycle path Zittau © Philipp Herfort

Out and about on family-friendly cycle paths

Family-friendly cycle paths

Discover the most beautiful sides of Upper Lusatia on two wheels: several cycle paths in the region invite families to do just that. The routes make it very easy to organize your arrival and departure at . This is a particular advantage when cycling with children.

The range of circular tours is varied. They lead along the shores of idyllic lakes or past lovingly restored half-timbered houses. Cycling-enthusiastic families just have to decide which tour they want to do together. Those who get hungry in between are well catered for. There are plenty of restaurants and cafés along the routes, which are also well equipped to cater to the needs of younger guests.

Puzzle bike tour around Lake Senftenberg and Lake Geierswald

Families can experience an exciting puzzle tour on the saddle of a bike at Lake Senftenberg and Lake Geierswald. Starting from the parking lot in Großkoschen, the 37-kilometer circuit leads to a total of eight stations. Things get tricky on the spot. Child-friendly tasks for young cyclists of primary school age impart new knowledge in a fun way.

The focus is on the history of mining in the region and the Lusatian Lakeland. From station to station, the cycle tour passes sights such as the "Leaning Tower" on Lake Senftenberg or the floating vacation homes in Geierswalde. The answers to the questions are recorded in a special flyer for the tour. Anyone who completes it at the end and presents it at the Senftenberg or Hoyerswerda tourist information offices will receive a small gift.

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Our recommendations for the family bike tour

Cycling region

The region's network of cycle paths offers numerous opportunities to explore Upper Lusatia as a family. Short tours provide unforgettable day trips with hours of variety. Themed tours introduce you to legendary figures and typical regional features, while long-distance cyclists and ambitious cyclists can put their stamina to the test on the unique long-distance cycle paths.

To the Upper Lusatia cycling region

Family time in the saddle

The most attractive cycle paths in the region are combined on the  twin cycle path. The Oder-Neisse Cycle Route and the Spree Cycle Route are like fraternal twins. Together with the Frog Cycle Path in the north and the Mittelland Route in the south, they form a circular route that is also attractive for families.

On the "Family Time in the Countryside", they cycle a 40-kilometre tour between Bautzen and Uhyst, past lakes and places that invite them to play. On the 70-kilometre "Family meets culture" route, cyclists follow the Spree from its source to the rushing river between Zittau and Bautzen. Or how about the "Extended family weekend on the twin cycle path"? Cycling enthusiasts can enjoy a 150-kilometre route between Bautzen and Görlitz.

Experience great things with the little ones

40 kilometers of experiences between Bautzen and Uhyst

Interesting facts about the tour

Great adventures in a short time

70 kilometers of experiences between Zittau and Bautzen

Interesting facts about the tour

More time with the family

150 kilometers of experiences between Bautzen and Görlitz

Interesting facts about the tour

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