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Excursion destinations with children

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Excursion destinations with children

Excursion destinations with children

GAW Graceland Alpacas Wehrsdorf © ClaudiYes Photography 4
Excursion destinations with children

Excursion destinations with children

Krabatmuehle Schwarzkollm © mushroom productions

BEST-OF excursion destinations

Have you ever fed a kangaroo? Taught a robot to walk? Or decorated gingerbread? If you've answered no to all of the above, we recommend a trip to Upper Lusatia. There is a lot to experience there all year round. Whether spring, summer, fall or winter - attractive excursion destinations invite families to enjoy extraordinary experiences.

Children can easily make their own Herrnhut star in the manufactory. At the ZCOM Zuse Computer Museum in Hoyerswerda, they can go on a tricky puzzle tour. If you like action, a quad bike at the Quadcenter Klein Partwitz is just the thing for you. Pottery work with master potter Karl Louis Lehmann is a more delicate experience. It all works wonderfully, whether it's hot or cold outside. No time for boredom!

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City breaks with children

City tours and sightseeing are not necessarily children's favorite pastimes. With an idea from Upper Lusatia, however, even this becomes an entertaining pleasure. The towns of Kamenz, Bautzen, Löbau, Zittau, Görlitz and the Polish town of Lubán have been part of the Six Towns Association since 1346. The partners have come up with something special for their young visitors.

Families can go on a journey through time together with a brochure from the League of Six Towns. It contains a city game for each location, with puzzles to be solved during the walk through the city. Those who successfully solve three city games will even receive a surprise. A boring stroll through the city? That was yesterday!

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In and around the water with children

Children are water rats - and they want to be kept busy. In Upper Lusatia, there are several opportunities to do just that. Various leisure pools in the region allow young and old guests to whizz down water slides or dive into splashing bubbles - either indoors or outdoors in summer. Or how about a leisurely boat trip on the Bautzen dam or the Quitzdorf reservoir?

Last but not least, the breathtaking scenery of the many lakes in Upper Lusatia invite you to enjoy extensive adventures in and around the water. The former and now flooded open-cast mining areas skillfully interweave leisure activities and historical references to the mining past. A visit to the Lusatian Lakeland is therefore always associated with an increase in knowledge.

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Varied nature with mountains, extensive forests and wild streams or would you prefer prehistoric giants, wild descents and creative flights of fancy? Upper Lusatia has all kinds of things to offer families with children - some real hits, in fact.

This is ensured, among other things, by 41 facilities in Upper Lusatia that have joined forces under the heading "Freizeitknüller". Among them is the confusing and fun maze, which visitors can find right next to the Kleinwelka dinosaur park near Bautzen. The Muskau forest railroad is also included. It runs comfortably between Weißwasser and the unique landscape parks in Kromlau and Bad Muskau. Visitors can reach completely different speeds on the toboggan run in Oderwitz. Young high-flyers can even fly an airplane themselves. In the Taylor Air flight simulator in Bautzen, this is at least theoretically possible.

Other providers also offer special adventure highlights in Upper Lusatia. Exciting puzzle rallies take families to the zoos in Hoyerswerda or Görlitz. Creativity is called for when decorating gingerbread in Pulsnitz, making pottery in Neukirch or crafting poinsettias in Herrnhut. The next generation of researchers will also get their money's worth with a visit to the Knappenrode energy factory and the ZCOM Zuse Computer Museum in Hoyerswerda.

Guests can experience an interesting and exciting city stroll in Kamenz, Bautzen, Löbau, Zittau, Görlitz and Lubán in Poland. The towns in the six-city alliance will surprise younger visitors in particular with a tricky city game with prizes to be won. Those who prefer to be out and about in nature can relax at one of the many lakes in Upper Lusatia. But lazing around is not compulsory. For cyclists, boaters and swimming fans, the Lusatian Lakeland promises eventful hours on and in the water.



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