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Bautzen & die Heide- und Teichlandschaft - Kultur und Natur im Herzen der Oberlausitz

Bautzen & the heath and pond landscape Pure fascination

Bautzen & the heath and pond landscape

Pure fascination

View over Bautzen © Philipp Herfort

Time out between cultural treasures and natural oases

Bautzen impresses

And this is mainly due to its picturesque old town: an imposing ensemble of 14 towers and bastions on a granite plateau high above the River Spree gives the town its unmistakable silhouette. Bautzen undoubtedly has one of the most beautiful old towns in Germany.

Magnificent baroque town houses, small alleyways, restaurants serving traditional Sorbian and Upper Lusatian cuisine and an almost completely preserved medieval town fortification bear witness to the town's eventful 1,000-year history and provide the backdrop for many events. 

 Thanks to itscentral location in Upper Lusatia , Bautzen is also perfect for excursions in the region! 

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Upper Lusatian Heath and Pond Landscape

The UNESCO biosphere reserve is known beyond the borders of Saxony for its natural features. Forests, moors and ponds alternate here in a very small area, providing a home for white-tailed eagles, cranes, otters and many other animals. 
It is also the largest bird and nature reserve in Saxony. During a visit to the "House of a Thousand Ponds" , you can learn lots of interesting facts about the flora and fauna of the heath and pond landscape in themed lectures, at events or on guided hikes.

Enjoy the tranquillity of & nature. Take a deep breath. Listen to the birds. You can switch off here!

UNESCO biosphere reserve Upper Lusatian Heath and Pond Landscape

Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape

Experience Sorbian culture

Bautzen (Sorbian: Budyšin) and the Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape belong to the settlement area of the Sorbs - a small Slavic people that is one of four recognized minorities in Germany.
The Sorbs have lived here for centuries and have maintained their own language, colorful customs and traditions ever since.
The Sorbian Museum and the House of the Sorbs in Bautzen offer inquisitive minds detailed insights into life and work over the course of time. The Sorbian National Ensemble and the German-Sorbian Folk Theatre also invite visitors to experience Sorbian culture up close. 

Get to know the Sorbs!

Bautzen - Sorbs 

Regionality is very important to us

You thought local freshly caught fish was only available at sea? Then we have good news: Lusatian fish is considered a regional and sustainable food. It doesn't get much fresher than during the Lusatian Fish Weeks!
During a cycle tour through the extensive natural landscape around Bautzen, you can also discover many small farm stores. Spices, juice made from old apple varieties, regionally produced cheese and much more provide culinary highlights.
The variety of regional products is immense: from jams and mustard to beer. In the hammer mill, a unique technical monument, the old mill can be explored on a guided tour. The adjoining mill store sells locally produced mustard, organic oils and sealing earth.

Lusatian fish

Active in Bautzen and the heath and pond landscape

The long-distance cycle routes Saxon City Route and Spree Cycle Route intersect in Bautzen. Upstream towards the source of the Spree, the Spreeradweg delights lovers of hilly sections. Downstream, on the other hand, it leads through Bautzen without any significant effort and from there to the Bautzen reservoir. There , a high ropes course, minigolf, pedal boat hire and beach volleyball invite you to enjoy active recreation. Further north, the Spree Cycle Path leads straight into the Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape. The endless number of ponds and lakes invite you to go fishing, swimming, camping, hiking on nature trails or cycling. The extensive network of cycle paths offers tours for every taste and leads past unique cultural and natural experiences.

Bautzen - Active + Leisure

Bautzen for families

Bautzen offers families all kinds of opportunities to marvel and discover. In addition to Germany's largest dinosaur park with over 200 life-size prehistoric giants , the town itself with its many stories and legends is just as inviting. But the puppet theater in the castle or a trip to the dam with monster golf, high ropes course and pedal boat and SUP rental also provide variety. Another highlight is the Kleinwelka maze.

Tips for a memorable family vacation with just one click.

Bautzen with children

Take your time out!

Just half an hour's drive from Dresden are the Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape and Bautzen - the city of towers. The sight takes your breath away: fortified bastions and towers rise up into the sky on a granite rock. Below, the River Spree winds its way around the more than 1,000-year-old city complex, as if to emphasize with its glitter what connoisseurs have long known: Bautzen's silhouette is one of the most impressive cityscapes in the whole of Germany. Behind the fortress walls, around 1,000 architectural monuments are waiting to be discovered.

The family vacation is also guaranteed to be an experience thanks to the dinosaur park, climbing garden and lots of other leisure activities in Bautzen and the surrounding area!

The River Spree at the foot of the old town connects Bautzen in the north with the Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape. This green oasis on the outskirts of the city is one of the most biodiverse regions in Germany. In order to preserve this original and species-rich habitat, most of the area has been declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The "House of a Thousand Ponds" visitor and information center welcomes visitors with a multimedia exhibition covering 250 square meters.

Whether on a cultural or active vacation: Bautzen and the Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape are the perfect place to enjoy, discover, marvel and relax!

Everyone knows it: Bautzen mustard is part of every successful barbecue party. Did you know that it has been around for more than 150 years? Today, it's hard to imagine life without the small grains with the big flavor .
Have you always wanted to try something new? How about mustard ice cream or a mustard cocktail? You can try all of these with us during the Bautz'ner Mustard Weeks a special kind of gourmet festival .

Take a virtual stroll through Bautzen! 

Tour of Bautzen

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How do I travel?

Whether by car, bus, train or bike.... Bautzen is easy to reach! Here are some tips for your journey:  

Getting to the Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape

Where can I stay overnight?

From accommodation in listed buildings, to chic hotels and camping sites close to nature, to cozy guesthouses and vacation apartments - the choice is yours! Find the accommodation of your dreams:

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Here you will find all the information you need for your next visit:

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How am I best prepared for my visit?

We offer you extensive tips and brochures for your vacation preparations, which you can download free of charge.

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Concerts, theater, festivals, markets, culinary highlights -  in Bautzen there is always something going on!



Exhibitions, lectures, traditional festivals, markets, guided hikes, culinary workshops: there's always something going on in the Upper Lusatian Heath and Pond Landscape !


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