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In and on the water

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In and on the water

In and on the water

Fun in the Trixi bath © mushroom productions

Indoor bathing

Swim away from the stress of everyday life: In two adventure and leisure pools in Upper Lusatia, families have the opportunity to do just that, even in bad weather. There are suitable activities for everyone - whether it's a wild slide, a leisurely swim or a hot sweat in the sauna.

In Großschönau, the Trixi pool also invites you to float. There is also a large saltwater pool where guests can float around. Particularly popular with children: the 60-metre-long Black Hole slide - it's really dark there. The Krauschwitz Adventure World also offers unique craftsmanship for relaxation. The Schrotholz-Sauna-Hof was built in a traditional style for the region and is a real eye-catcher.

Outdoor bathing

Refreshment guaranteed: In summer, families in Upper Lusatia can cool off in outdoor pools and lakes. While guests have to take opening times into account, many bathing lakes can be used at any time. During the season, many bathing areas are supervised by lifeguards. Outside of these times, however, parents need to keep a particularly close eye on their splashing offspring.

Wonderful bathing lakes can be found throughout Upper Lusatia. Four-legged friends are also allowed to refresh themselves in some of them. For example, there is a dog beach at Berzdorfer See near Görlitz. In many places in the region, attractive outdoor pools also open in the summer months, such as the Wasserwelt Steinigtwolmsdorf, the Masseneibad in Großröhrsdorf or the Gebirgsbad Jonsdorf.  

Further activities

It doesn't always have to be swimming. Families won't get bored around the numerous lakes in Upper Lusatia either. In recent years, well-developed cycle paths have been built everywhere, leading along shorter or longer routes along the shores of the lakes. If you prefer to use your arms instead of your legs to get around, you can hire rowing boats and canoes.

Brave souls can try out waterskiing and wakeboarding at Halbendorf Lake. Surfers also get their money's worth, for example on the north-western shore of Lake Bärwald. Stand-up paddling, which is currently very popular, is available for hire at several lakes, including the Ocean Beach Bar at the Bautzen dam. Visitors can also play mini-golf on the monster golf course or brave the high ropes course. Those who prefer a quieter experience can go fishing or use the sauna facilities near the lakes and pools, for example at the Trixi-Bad Großschönau.

Here, you can enjoy...

... Bathing

Swimming in the lake is just one option for refreshing yourself in the cool water in Upper Lusatia. Families can also have a good time in various pools - outdoors or indoors. Many pools impress with their location in the countryside. This makes it easy to relax.

One of the best-known facilities is probably the Trixi-Bad in Großschönau. This is also due to the local Waldstrandbad, where Trixi the walrus offers special sliding fun. Another well-known leisure pool is the Krauschwitz adventure world, where the white water channel is a turbulent experience. If you still haven't had enough, you can race down the giant water slide.

The location on the edge of the forest also makes the atmosphere in the mass pool in Großröhrsdorf is also a special experience. Two slides over 60 meters long challenge children and adults alike to have fun in the water. A waterfall and water cannon offer additional variety.

Located directly on the Oberlausitz railroad cycle path is the Cunewalde adventure pool. Get into the water on the outdoor pool's large slide. Once you've rubbed yourself dry again, there's a beach volleyball court, a large chess table and table tennis tables. Children can get active in the water playground. With its location away from the hustle and bustle and traffic noise, the forest and adventure pool of Neusalza-Spremberg. Variety and relaxation are guaranteed in the large area. Among other things, a large water slide, a current channel, a waterfall and an air bubble await families here.

On the slope of the Jonsberg lies the Jonsdorf mountain pool. It is solar-heated and offers a large swimming pool as well as a shallow pool for young guests. The large water slide is suitable for all ages. A meadow with lots of shady areas invites you to sunbathe in the forest.

... Cycling

In the past, huge excavators dug into the ground here in search of lignite. Today, near-natural lakes in Upper Lusatia offer relaxing hours by the water in the same place. The renaturalized landscapes and flooded waters not only delight bathing fans and water sports enthusiasts, but also many cyclists. This is not surprising. Wonderful cycle paths have been created along the lakes in recent years, which are now waiting to be explored.

One of these is the Bärwalder See. Saxony's largest inland lake was created by the flooding of the former open-cast mine until 2009. In addition to the many possibilities on the water, cyclists can also get their money's worth on the shore. The paved lake circuit offers 21 kilometers of spectacular views of the water. The flat route is particularly suitable for families with children.

In the middle of the future Lusatian Lakeland lake network is the Lake Geierswald. The 16-kilometre trail around the lake is also suitable for a bike tour. If you still have enough energy left, you can head straight to the next lake from here. The cycle routes around Lake Senftenberg and Lake Partwitz connect to the circular route.

Lake Olbersdorf, which was flooded until 1999, is also particularly attractive. Olbersdorf Lake. It is located in the middle of the "Zittauer Gebirge" nature park and offers plenty of greenery with its adjacent forests and meadows. The almost five-kilometer circular route is also easy for little cyclists to manage.

Just a few kilometers from Görlitz city centre is the Lake Berzdorf. The almost 22-kilometre cycle tour not only leads around the lake, but also through historic villages and past several bathing spots.

... Boating and canoeing

Little captains ahoy! After family bike tours and splashing around on the beach, children love to get on a boat. There are numerous rental options for mini boat trips on the lakes and waterways of Upper Lusatia.

The pedal boats, for example, have a slide on board, which families can hire at the Bautzen Dam can hire. From there, water fans can slide straight into the cool water. Those who prefer to rely on arm power can also hire a canoe for three or four people at the Ocean Beach Bar instead of a pedal boat. A tour of the reservoir in a pedal boat also proves its appeal in Sohland. Boats can also be hired there.

At the Geierswalder See not only rowing boats, pedal boats and canoes are available for hire, but also motorboats. Young and old can speed across the lake together. Families can also take a relaxing cruise around the lake. The solar catamaran Aqua Phönix from the Löwa shipping company runs between Senftenberg town harbor and the Geierswalde bathing beach.

Ever ridden a bike in the water? Anyone can try it out at Lake Olbersdorf. The underwater bike is available for hire alongside rowing boats, pedal boats and canoes. For romantics, the Seestern Strandshop has something very special on offer: the candle boat sets sail with lanterns, fluffy cushions, sparkling wine and a small snack.

If that's just not enough action for you, the team from Neiße-Tours team in Rothenburg for a very special adventure. The team offers rafting tours in inflatable boats. The whitewater experts and their groups are out and about in the border triangle between Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, on the Lusatian Neisse, Bober, Queis and Iser rivers.

... Doing sport on the water

Sport and water can be wonderfully combined in Upper Lusatia. The region's lakes are no longer just for hikers, cyclists or inline skaters. Various providers ensure that families spend a fit time on and in the water.

At "Wake and Beach" on Lake Halbendorf, everyone can try out whether they can hold their own on water skis or wakeboards. The brave are pulled across the water on a rope lift. Obstacles on the lake then have to be skied around or jumped over. Courses are offered for beginners. Volleyball courts and boats are available for more traditional sports fans. Visitors can also go waterskiing and wakeboarding at Geierswalder See near Hoyerswerda - at "Wake and more". Stand-up paddling is also very popular there. Even children can do it. Suitable boards can be hired. These can also be hired from the Ocean Beach Bar at the Bautzen dam. As well as various boats for active hours on the lake. For those who prefer solid ground under their feet, the paved lakeside path is ideal for cycling and skating.

Surfers should check out the Merzdorf beach or the Klitten shore on the Bärwalder See for a visit. Kitesurfers should also pay a visit to Merzdorf beach. The Lusatian lake between Boxberg, Klitten and Uhyst also offers plenty of other sporting activities. Visitors can enjoy sailing, paddling, rowing or canoeing here. There is also a skating facility on the Boxberg shore for guests on wheels.
A real lakeside paradise is also the Lake Berzdorf on the outskirts of Görlitz. However, if you prefer to go swimming, you can of course do that too. Several beaches are good starting points for this.

... Sliding and playing

The perfect way to slide off the back of a walrus! Families can experience this for themselves in the Trixi pool in Großschönau. The walrus slide has been in the local forest beach pool since 1978. Trixi has been part of the summer fun for many children for over 40 years. In addition to several other playgrounds on the grounds, there is also the popular water and mud playground at the Waldstrandbad.

For shivering swimmers, the Obercunnersdorf leisure and adventure pool is just the right place. The warm water pool is always around 29 degrees Celsius. This is one reason why the open-air pool starts the season earlier than other facilities, and why it can stay open for a few more weeks in late summer while other pools have already closed. If that's not enough of an argument for a visit, the 61-metre-long large slide and an additional wide slide will certainly convince you. Visitors also have access to a chess board, a mini golf course, a volleyball court and table tennis tables.

The large slide is 72 meters long in total at the Olbersdorf public swimming pool. For those who prefer to slide in the dry, there is also a playground in the extensive grounds. There is another slide at the leisure oasis on Lake Olbersdorf. A varied adventure playground was built in the middle of the sandy beach a few years ago. Two slides over 60 meters long await in the Masseneibad Großröhrsdorf await brave water rats.

In the municipality of Sohland in the district of Taubenheim also has an outdoor pool with a large slide. At the reservoir in Sohland children can also slide on an idyllic playground. For slide fans, there is also the adventure pool in Cunewaldethe Neusalza-Spremberg forest and adventure pool and the Jonsdorfer Gebirgsbad are highly recommended.

... Relax and take a sauna

Switch off, simply sweat away the stress, enjoy the peace and quiet in a lounger - deep relaxation is guaranteed in Upper Lusatia. Extensive sauna landscapes make it difficult to decide which infusion guests would prefer to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life around them. Families with older children will find a haven of peace here.

Visitors to the Krauschwitz Adventure World learn about the traditional architecture of the region while enjoying a sauna. The sauna courtyard there consists of an ensemble of so-called "Schrotholzhäuser", which were once typical of the region. They are laid out like a small farm. Guests can enjoy a variety of infusions for their sauna pleasure in the Schrotholz sauna, the gatehouse and the smoke sauna. Another special feature in Krauschwitz is the graduation house. This is a link to the facility's regional history. There was already one in the former Hermannsbad in Bad Muskau. The salty air in the graduation house has a detoxifying and cleansing effect and is particularly beneficial for chronic respiratory diseases.

Sweating in a barrel is now the order of the day in the sauna world at the Trixi leisure pool in Großschönau. A barrel sauna has recently been installed in the garden of the wellness temple. Just like the Finnish house and log cabin saunas, it exudes a rustic, cozy flair with its wooden look. When there is snow outside, it is particularly cozy here. Up to three times a day there is an infusion of fresh garlic brew in the log cabin sauna. Afterwards, you can cool off with the sauna master in the forest beach pool. The spa area also offers soothing massages. Particularly close to nature: the foot treading pool with real forest floor.

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