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Spreeradweg - Entlang der Spree bis nach Berlin

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From idyllic Upper Lusatia to vibrant Berlin

From the mountain springs follow the Spree ...

The highest source of the Spree is on the Kottmarberg (583 m). The spring with the most water is to be found in Neugersdorf and the most beautiful one is framed by the Spreeborn in Ebersbach. During the first few kilometers, a special feature of the region is noticeable - the traditional Upper Lusatian half-timbered houses with their rustic log rooms, richly decorated door frames and blooming cottage gardens.

... about the historic cities ...

The tour leads from the Oberlausitzer Bergland with its rolling hills and magnificent views to Bautzen, which is more than 1000 years old. Two languages, eight museums, 17 towers, 20 types of mustard and 40 old town pubs make a visit an entertaining experience.

... through the UNESCO biosphere reserve Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape ...

This is followed by the "Land of 1000 Ponds" - the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Upper Lusatian Heath and Pond Landscape. Experience with all the senses is very important here. With a little patience you can even watch the sea eagle when it flies majestically at lofty heights. The theme of water meanders along the river landscape of the Spree.

... to the Lusatian Lakeland!

The transition to the newly emerging Lusatian Lakeland - the largest man-made water landscape in Europe - is flowing. More than 20 lakes are being converted from open-cast mining into a recreational landscape and await with a wide variety of water tourism offers.

The route along the Spree

The Spree Cycle Path leads from three sources of the Spree for 410 km from idyllic Oberlausitz to lively Berlin. Always following the course of the river, it leads through wonderfully green fields and forest landscapes. The diverse landscape of Upper Lusatia can be explored actively on the Spreeradweg. The highest source of the Spree is on the Kottmarberg (583 m). The most water-rich is in Neugersdorf and the most beautiful source of the river is framed in Ebersbach by the Spreeborn. Each of the sources is in Upper Lusatia.

The variety of landscapes along the Spree invites you to recharge your batteries. The cycle path leads on the mostly asphalted sections past traditional timber frame houses with their wooden door arches and artistic slats. The tour continues from the Oberlausitzer Bergland towards the 1,000-year-old building and through the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Oberlausitzer Heide and pond landscape. At the end of the approximately 120 kilometers in Saxony, the transition is flowing into the largest man-made water landscape in Europe. After a scenic drive through Upper Lusatia, the cycle path in Brandenburg leads through Spremberg, Cottbus and Spreewald before finally reaching Berlin.

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Cycle tour "Twin cycle path" from/to Görlitz

  • 7 x overnight stays in hotels and guesthouses of 3-star standard
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  • Luggage transport from accommodation to accommodation during your cycle tours
  • 1 package of detailed maps and information material per room
  • Telephone service during your cycle tour

per person / 7 nights from € 769.00

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Overnight accommodation along the Spree Cycle Path

Country hotel and Spreetal Grubschütz

Grubschütz is located approx. 2 km from the 1000-year-old town of Bautzen and the Upper Lusatian mountains. Due to its location, it can be the starting point for interesting cycling excursions , both through the landscape conservation area along the Spree to Bautzen and up the Spree to the mountains.

Several wellness and cycle tour offers round off the accommodation and leave nothing to be desired.

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Hotel Alte Gerberei

If you are looking for central accommodation in the heart of the old town of Bautzen, this is the place for you. The accommodation is located right next to one of Bautzen's landmarks, the old waterworks, with a direct view of the Spree. You can enjoy your stay in a lovingly renovated, historic building just like at home. Incidentally, the house was built in 1617.

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... you should have experienced it!

digital city tour Bautzen

Experience cultural highlights in the fresh air - this will be possible from February 2023 with the city of Bautzen's new digital audio guide. What makes it unique is that the stories are authentically narrated by people from the region. Appropriate images for each station show the often small details. The Smart Guide app, which is available to download free of charge from the App Store and Google Play Store, allows you to start your individual tour straight away. The route can be downloaded in advance to save your own data volume.
Download directly via the QR code! 

Easter in Upper Lusatia

The highlight of the festival is the Easter Ride, which takes place on Easter Sunday (April 9th). From Bautzen, around 50 festively dressed riders on elaborately decorated horses make their way through the surrounding villages to Radibor to carry the Easter message. There are nine processions in total, singing and praying in Sorbian and German to proclaim the resurrection of Jesus Christ in Sorbian-Catholic Lusatia. This unique custom can be witnessed from the roadside. The lively tradition of Easter processions on horseback has been cultivated in Bautzen and the surrounding area for many centuries.

Further information

Hammer mill Bautzen

The industrial monument Heinke & Sohn Hammermühle Bautzen is today a grinding, mustard and oil mill and is still powered by the water power of the Spree, just as it was in its early days. The mill with its 5 floors is a living testimony to a centuries-old craft and the industrial development of the town of Bautzen. It is typical of the mill's history that the business has changed again and again over the decades. Today, cold-pressed organic oils and the exclusively handmade mustard varieties are produced. 

The Hammermühle Bautzen and its historical technology can be experienced up close, for example as the original grinding technology fills the building with life or through an on-site tasting of freshly pressed vegetable oils. For example, experience tours with running technology, experiencing mustard and oil production and guided tours for all age groups can be requested. In the mill store, visitors can also expect delicious and regional surprises during the Easter season.

Further information


The central visitor and information center of the UNSECO biosphere reserve "Oberlausitzer Heide- und Teichlandschaft".

A multimedia exhibition offers a variety of insights into the centuries-old tradition of pond farming and its importance for animals and plants in the area. At the end of the tour, a giant aquarium with native fish allows visitors to take a look beneath the surface of the water.

Other offers in and around the house: tourist information with store and snack bar, special exhibitions, water adventure area to discover and play, access to the Guttau ponds nature trail & Olbasee.

Further information

questions and answers

How is the route of the Spree Cycle Path?

The Spreeradweg is well signposted. You can also use the Oberlausitz.Touren appto drive the route, which also enables digital navigation.

What is the requirement profile of the cycle path?

The circular cycle path runs through the individual areas of Upper Lusatia from the demanding mountain stages to the flat Lusatian lake district.

What accommodation is available along the Spreeradweg tour, is there also Bed+Bike certified accommodation?

You can find all accommodations in Upper Lusatia here.

You can find an overview of all Bett+Bike certified accommodation here.

Are there any other interesting cycle routes along the Spreeradweg?

Yes, for example the  KRABAT cycle path, the Seeadlerrundweg or the Sorbian Impressions cycle path.

Are there any special events on the Spreeradweg in 2023?

 The city of Bautzen is organizing the BautzenMustard Weeks including the Old Town Festival(09.08.-04.09.2023), a kind of "pleasure festival" - all about the great taste of the small grains - in this year. Fine dishes and creations on the subject of mustard enchant the palate and invite guests to try something new.

Further highlights, which take place in the Upper Lusatian Heath and Pond Landscape Biosphere Reserve , include the German-Sorbian Autumn Market on 09.09.2023. The 14th International Folklore Festival in Crostwitz(06.-09.07.2023), the KRABAT week  (29.09.-08.10.2023) or the  Lusatian Fish Weeks invite you to visit.

Are there other attractions along the route?

Yes, there are! For example, a guided tour through the HOUSE OF A THOUSAND PONDSfun and challenge in the high ropes course at the Bautzen reservoir or the Krabatmühle in Schwarzkollm near Hoyerswerda.

Where can I find bike service and workshops along the way?

You will find the following bike stores along the Spreeradweg (within a radius of approx. 3 km):

  • BIKEpoint Wiesner
    Repair work, service, breakdown assistance, rental bikes for repair work, sale of accessories
  • Radwerk Görlitz
    Rental bikes
    Among other things, a bike delivery service is also offered for the entire Spreeradweg tour. This means you can join the tour at any point.

Heilige-Grab-Straße 26
02828 Görlitz
Tel.: 03581/42 98 990 | Mail:

Experiences on the Spree cycle path

From the Upper Lusatian Highlands and its three Spree springs, following the Spree Valley to the 1000-year-old town of Bautzen, through the species-rich UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Upper Lusatian Heath and Pond Landscape, the Spree Cycle Route leads to the Lusatian Lakeland: the largest man-made water landscape in Europe .

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