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Great adventures in a short time

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Great adventures in a short time

70 kilometers of experiences between Zittau and Bautzen

On the approximately 70-kilometre-long, varied tour between Zittau and Bautzen, cyclists accompany the Spree from Ebersbach/Neugersdorf from its source to to the rushing river. The moderate elevation profile is suitable for the whole family and offers impressive views of the unique cultural landscape of Upper Lusatia. 


Windmills and half-timbered houses, alpacas and horses, outdoor pools and bathing lakes - there is so much to discover along the way on a tour from the southernmost tip of Upper Lusatia to the town of the Sorbs.


If you want to see even more of the region's diverse nature, follow the twin cycle path from Bautzen to Uhyst(40-kilometre tour) or cycle past fascinating scenic wonders to Görlitz(150-kilometre tour).

The route at a glance

Our recommendations along the way

Saxony's southeasternmost city

Train travelers are greeted at the station in historic Zittau by the steam and whistle of the narrow-gauge railway  train. The steam locomotive is already a spectacle from the outside, but it's also worth getting on and exploring the beautiful landscape of the Zittau Mountains from the rails, .

To combine city exploration with exciting stories, the  ZittauLegend Trail, which leads to various stations in the city center, is ideal. The picturesque, historic city center is particularly memorable and the municipal zoo provides animal fun on your family vacation. 

In the town at the foot of the Zittau Mountains, travelers can also recharge their batteries for a longer bike tour into the impressive nature of Upper Lusatia or enjoy a refreshment stop at the Olbersdorf Lake refresh yourself.

At the source of the Spree

One of the most beautiful sections of the route with great views of the Upper Lusatian mountains is on the way to the source of the Spree at Kottmar, in the middle of a fairytale forest. Just half an hour away, attentive cyclists in the center of Ebersbach-Neugersdorf will discover the two other sources of the almost 400-kilometer-long river. After a long day in the saddle, the small town's gastronomic offerings and an outdoor pool promise new energy in summer.

If you haven't marveled at enough water wonders yet, you can cycle straight on to Neusalza-Spremberg and look out for the Spreepark just outside the town gates. Here, the still young river makes its way through dense forests and leaves behind a romantic Kerbsohlental valley - perfect for a short stopover to take a deep breath. 

Around Sohland

If you take the route of the twin cycle path from Bautzen to the south, you will reach a beautiful forest path between Schirgiswalde and the Sohland reservoir after around an hour. The sometimes challenging climbs are rewarded with unique views of the surrounding landscape.

After a break at the reservoir, including culinary refreshments and a playground discovery, you can cycle relaxed to the next highlight: the Himmelsbrücke, a steeply rising, small arched bridge from the 18th century. 

Alpaca fans should definitely plan a short detour to nearby Wehrsdorf and visit the Graceland Alpacas visit. 

City of towers and Sorbs

Anyone visiting Bautzen for the first time should definitely plan an extra day to get to know the city and its facets, stories, historical buildings and leisure activities. The towers, old fortifications and the impressive Ortenburg Castle greet all visitors to the city as soon as they arrive.

In addition to great play offers, dinosaur adventuresaction around the reservoir and medieval ambience   Bautzen provides a unique insight into the culture of the Sorbs. Whether in the museum, theater and the cultural information center as well as at events such as the traditional Easter festival, visitors encounter the Sorbian way of life at every turn. 

The rain variant

If the weather is not conducive to cycling, numerous indoor activities promise plenty of variety and action. For culture and interesting facts, games and sport, experiences and experiments away from the cycle path, it is worth taking a break in Oderwitz, Zittau or Bautzen, for example.

Whether on the trail of historical treasures in Zittau or letting off steam in the nearby Trixi vacation park, as a pilot or a mustard taster in Bautzen, a leisurely lunch break in Eibau or a visit to the observatory in Sohland - a family vacation in Upper Lusatia is never boring, even on rainy days.

Insider tip

"A great section of the cycle path lies between Obergurig and Grubschütz. The cycle path runs directly along the banks of the Spree through the forest, far away from traffic. You pass exciting rock formations and can enjoy nature relatively undisturbed here before continuing along beautiful paths along the water to Bautzen," says cycling blogger Radelmädchen. She gives a detailed insight into her experiences along the twin cycle path in her travel report.

Highlights along the way

Questions and answers

What is the best way to travel by train?

If you want to leave your car behind, take the RE or RB to or between Bautzen and Zittau at . Current information at:

How and where can I hire bikes?

If you want to travel without bikes, there are several providers in Bautzen and Zittau that offer bike hire including accessories. The bike store Radwerk also offers a rental service for the whole of Upper Lusatia, so you can hop on and off flexibly along the way.  

Are there catering facilities on the route or do I have to cater for myself?

Family-friendly cafés and restaurants in Bautzen and Zittau offer something for everyone. There are bakeries, inns and snack bars in many towns along the way   (note seasonal opening times), e.g. in Eibau, Sohland, Neusalza-Spremberg or Ebersbach-Neugersdorf. If you want to eat flexibly along the way, it is best to stock up in Bautzen or Zittau for a picnic in the countryside. 

Where is the best place to stay along the route?

Bautzen offers a great selection of family-friendly accommodation to suit every need and budget. Outdoor enthusiasts can also spend the night at the campsite along the route, for example in Obergurig. Smaller inns or vacation apartments are also available in Walddorf near the source of the Spree, Ebersbach-Neugersdorf, Neusalza-Spremberg, Taubenheim an der Spree, Sohland an der Spree or Schirigswalde-Kirschau. You can find a selection of bike-friendly accommodation in Upper Lusatia at: Bett+Bike overview

Can I shorten the route?

Yes, the railroad line runs not far from the cycle path, so that exhausted cyclists have the opportunity to hop on the regional train in between. You can find up-to-date information here:

When is the perfect time to travel?

In spring, when nature awakens from hibernation and Bautzen celebrates a very special Easter festival characterized by Sorbian culture. In summer, when it is warm and bright for a long time and numerous bathing lakes promise a refreshing dip after a day on the bike. In autumn, when a unique play of colors can be seen along the roadside and an entire region celebrates the unique spectacle of fishing during the Lusatian Fish Weeks. In short, Upper Lusatia is worth a visit all year round. An overview of current events in Upper Lusatia for the whole family can be found here: Event highlights.

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