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Oberlausitzer Sechsstädtebund for families

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Go on a journey through time with the League of Six Cities

Go on a journey through time

with the League of Six Cities

Go on a journey through time © The partners

Experience history and stories in historic cities

Kamenz - more than just a Lessing town

First and foremost, "Nathan the White" and the "Ring Parable" are associated with difficult school material. The "Lessing Museum" in Kamenz is certainly a good place to introduce older children to these subjects outside the classroom. Or on an entertaining walk through Lessing's small but beautiful birthplace along the stages of his childhood. But Kamenz also offers special experiences away from world literary themes. For example, you can climb one of the historic observation towers or visit the Museum der Weslausitz with its "Elementarium", a landscape museum for the whole family. On a journey through time from the past to the present, visitors are expressly encouraged to touch and participate. Another insider tip for the little ones: The legend of the good Sorbian sorcerer's apprentice "Krabat" can be experienced on a playground of the same name right next to the old town.

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Bautzen - city of a thousand towers

The 1,000-year-old town of Bautzen impresses with its well-preserved medieval town center. Discover the historic town on a stroll, relax in the Humboldhain or be active on and in the water at the Bautzen reservoir.
A culinary must when visiting Bautzen is of course the Bautzen mustard, which is used creatively in various restaurants. A real highlight for a family vacation is the nearby dinosaur park.

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Löbau - the town on the mountain

Löbau means lovely in the Slavic translation and that is exactly how you will experience this surprisingly small, pretty town with its historic center. A huge town hall stands on the market square. Children's eyes grow wide when, next to the moon phase clock, the Judutekopf opens its large mechanical mouth for each quarter. Not far away, you can actively experience history in the city museum.

A world-famous "MODERN" building The  "Haus Schminke" is reminiscent of a ship in its shape.  A visit is worthwhile for the whole family, as the architect, Hans Scharoun, came up with some very surprising and amusing details, especially for children, which are still fascinating today.

"Out into nature" is the motto of the next excursion destination, Löbauer Berg. The town's landmark stands proudly and magnificently at the top - the cast-iron observation tower from which you can look out over the beautiful Upper Lusatia and discover the next excursion destinations.

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Zittau - the town in the border triangle

The baroque beauty of Zittau was described as the richest of the alliance towns. The facades of the baroque town houses are impressive witnesses. The great cultural wealth of the town is particularly evident in the treasures in the museums and in the events of the Gerhart-Hauptmann Theater Görlitz-Zittau. Be sure to take a look at the "Large and Small Zittau Lenten Cloths", which are unique in Germany. 

Zittau - the town in the border triangle. This statement can be taken literally here, as the border with Poland is directly adjacent to the town and the border with the Czech Republic begins just a few kilometers further on. All visitors can see the town against the impressive backdrop of the Zittau Mountains. The "Zittauer Gebirge" vacation region in particular, , offers a wide range of excursion and recreational opportunities with 300 km of well-marked hiking trails, numerous mountain and climbing peaks, viewpoints, mountain restaurants and rest areas. 

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Görlitz - the pearl on the Neisse

The houses in the old town are fascinating with their ornate façades, ornate vaults and impressive ceilings from different eras. Many say that Görlitz is the most beautiful city in Germany. Prepare yourself for a journey through time and discover the treasures from more than half a millennium of European architectural history.

Numerous exciting experiences for young and old await you and your family! The lovingly constructed nature conservation animal park, interesting museums and fascinating leisure facilities will make your day unforgettable. For energetic families, Lake Berzdorf right on the outskirts of Görlitz is a welcome playground. Treat yourself to a round trip on the Görlitz vintage park railroad and then let off steam in the climbing forest.

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Lubań - the Polish part of Upper Lusatia

Lubań is a beautiful town with over 800 years of history. You will be amazed by the well-kept old town, monuments and the regional museum at any time of the year. Lubań is home to numerous natural monuments, unexplored tunnels, a medieval quarry and "black gold" in the park on Stone Hill.

The town is an ideal starting point for exploring Lower Silesia and Upper Lusatia. The region around Lubań offers many exciting leisure activities: Castles, hiking trails, the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains invite you all year round.

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6 exciting city games with the Oberlausitzer Sechsstädtebund for the whole family

City walks are boring? Not at all! Go on a journey through time together and discover many secrets about the Upper Lusatian League of Six Towns. In our brochure you will find an exciting puzzle for each town that is worth solving. A little surprise awaits you if you solve three of the puzzles correctly.

The League of Six Cities

The Upper Lusatian League of Six Towns was founded in 1346. Together, the towns protected their trade routes and administered justice. The councillors met regularly to resolve disputes. The alliance lasted almost 500 years before it lost its significance.

In the towns of the Upper Lusatian League of Six Towns - Bautzen, Görlitz, Kamenz, Löbau, Lubań (in Poland) and Zittau - you can still discover contemporary witnesses and experience history today.

A journey through time for the whole family!

Family city experiences

Family offers in the Sechsstädtebund

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6 exciting city games in the Oberlausitzer Sechsstädtebund

6 spannende Stadtspiele im Sechsstädtebund

Auf Zeitreise gehen mit dem Oberlausitzer Sechsstädtebund.
Findet zu jeder der sechs Städte ein kniffliges Stadtspiel. Es führt euch an interessante Orte und gibt euch Rätsel auf.
Lasset die Stadtspiele beginnen!

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