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Milestones in architecture

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Milestones in architecture

Milestones in architecture

Hrázděné domy Großschönau © Michael Rimpler

Journey through the formative stylistic epochs of impressive architectural diversity

Upper Lusatia can be experienced like an open book of eventful European history. Travel through the formative stylistic epochs of an impressive variety of architecture.

The old towns of Bautzen with its medieval castle and Görlitz with its merchants' palaces, the Umgebindehaus landscapes unique in Germany or the Schminke House, one of the global milestones of classical modernism, are true cultural treasures and tangible evidence of an impressive past.
Discover the fascinating cultural treasures of Upper Lusatia.

Upper Lusatia can be experienced like an open book of eventful European history.

Architectural gems or captivating places of knowledge, unique sacred sites and historically evolved craft traditions - from an icon of classical modernism to a world heritage landscape, Upper Lusatia is full of cultural highlights and unforgettable impressions.

Discover the fascinating cultural treasures of Upper Lusatia.

Upper Lusatian culture never goes on vacation

From top-class open-air concerts and events in summer to unique Sorbian traditions and Easter festivities to the atmospheric Christmas markets in Görlitz and Bautzen, Upper Lusatian culture never takes a vacation.

- But make yours a special experience - at any time of year!

Unique half-timbered house landscapes

Half-timbered houses are unique architectural gems that can be admired particularly in Upper Lusatia and parts of Bohemia and Silesia. These fascinating buildings represent the cultural diversity and historical influences of the three-country region of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Discover the beauty and history of the Umgebinde houses and immerse yourself in a world that reflects the rich cultural heritage of this unique region.

Umgebinde Kultland Oberlausitz

Milestone of classical modernism

The Schminke House in Löbau is one of the world's most important residential buildings of classical modernism. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary architecture of the so-called "noodle steamer" and experience the harmonious combination of light, air and space that characterizes this masterpiece of Neues Bauen. Discover this icon of architecture on a tour with an audio guide or a guided tour and be enchanted by its unique atmosphere.

Schminke House Foundation

Merchant palaces

With over 4000 architectural monuments in a largely intact cityscape, Görlitz is an outstanding testimony to European architectural history. Particularly impressive are the Görlitz hall houses, which lie along the historic trade route VIA REGIA, which is now known as the Council of Europe's cultural route. These buildings form the heart of the historical ensemble from the city's heyday in the late Middle Ages and early modern period. Their construction and architecture reflect the importance of Central European trade at that time and make a visit to Görlitz a fascinating journey into the past.

Görlitz hall houses

Castles and palaces

A large number of castles, fortresses and castle ruins in Upper Lusatia still bear witness to a sensual but also warlike past. Most of them are in very good condition again thanks to extensive renovation work. Many castles and palaces are open to the public and house interesting exhibitions and museums. 

Castles of Saxony

The "mother of all prefabricated houses"

Konrad Wachsmann was a pioneer of industrialized timber construction. In Niesky in 1927, the architect planned a residential building in block construction, functionally well thought-out and cubic in the Bauhaus style. It was built by the well-known Niesky timber construction company Christoph & Unmack. Today, the Konrad Wachsmann House houses an exhibition on timber construction, which has left its mark on the entire town.

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