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Lausitzer Fischwochen - Lausitzer Fisch entdecken, erleben und genießen

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Discover the Lusatian fish with me  Come on, I'll show you my home

Discover the Lusatian fish with me

Come on, I'll show you my home

Fisherman Franzi at the pond © Torsten Kellermann

Lusatian fish - experience and enjoyment

My favorite fish dishes!

Do you like eating fish as much as I do?

From traditional dishes to imaginative new creations such as "Pulled Carp", you'll find plenty of fish in the restaurants and farm stores in Upper Lusatia. I always enjoy watching my grandpa smoke and cook fish and I'm always happy to lend a hand. Did you know that fish is a super healthy food? And it also tastes delicious. Lusatian carp comes straight from here, fresh on your plate. It's a real treat and environmentally friendly too! You don't have to be afraid of bones either, as the carp is also available with bones.

Mhhh ... delicious!

Hi, my name is Franzi!

I grew up here in the land of a thousand ponds and invite you to discover my home and the Lusatian fish with me.

I'm nine years old now and I'm in third grade. I prefer to be outdoors in nature and explore everything. My grandfather has been a pond owner in the Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape for a long time and always takes me with him. I like to look over his shoulders at work or go fishing with him. When I grow up, I will definitely become a pond owner one day.

Come with me, I'll show you everything!

Here I discover something new in nature every day!

Did you know: the Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape consists of almost a thousand ponds! We have not only discovered fish here, but also sea eagles, cranes and bitterns. Carp have been raised here for 750 years. After three summers they have reached their sales size. Pike, tench, pikeperch and catfish are other pond inhabitants that sometimes hook me and my grandpa, the pond owner, into the traditionally designed net. I think it's particularly great that around 30,000 hectares of the heather and pond landscape with their many rare plants and animals are internationally recognized as a UNESCO biosphere reserve and are therefore given a very special protection.

A journey of discovery into the nature of the Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape is always worthwhile!

Discover, experience and enjoy the Lusatian fish with me!Come with me to one of the largest pond areas in Germany, the Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape. Here in autumn you can experience how the pond owners collect the "harvest of the year", how ponds are drained and the fishing trips start early in the morning.

My grandpa has already told me so much about it. The ponds were created as early as the 13th century to breed fish, mainly carp. Carp grow up in the Lausitz ponds for three summers. They do not always stay in the same pond, so there is already fishing in spring. Carp intended for sale can weigh between 1,200 and 1,500 g by the time they are fished in autumn. Pike, tench, pikeperch and catfish also live in the ponds and, with a lot of luck, can be guessed at pond hikes and excursions. When fishing and fishing, many anglers' Latin and exciting fishing experiences are provided.

Pond farms and fish farms, inns, hotels, guest houses, nature conservation institutions and tourism professionals invite you to literally discover, experience and enjoy Lusatian fish. Especially from September 19th to November 1st, during the 19th Lusatian Fish Weeks.

See you soon in the land of a thousand ponds! Your Franzi.

Offers for the Lusatian Fish Weeks

Cooking with André Meyer

Carp chips child's play - Niels shows how it's done

List of ingredients:

  • Carp fillet, boned
  • flour
  • baking powder
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • Curry powder, beetroot juice or herbs for coloring
  • Egg, wine, beer or simply water
  • Oil for frying

Cooking with Jörg Daubner

Preparation tips for the perfect Lusatian fish

The fall is fished!

This year there are only a few fishing festivals taking special precautions. Creative fish dishes are created around the Lusatian fish. Other interesting and varied offers invite you to be there!

Fishing festivals 2020

  • 03.10.2020: Fishing festival at the Inselteich in Radibor with sales of fresh and smoked fish (Inselteichgemeinschaft Radibor eV)

  • October 3rd, 2020: Fisherman's Festival in Deutschbaselitz (Zschorna pond)

  • October 31, 2020: Show fishing at Petershain

  • October 31, 2020: Fishermen's festival in Rammenau (Zschorna pond farm)

(All information is subject to change; further information is available from the respective organizer)

Lusatian fish recipes

Lusatian carp in Polish brine

The mountain spirits from Beckenberg recommend Lusatian carp in Polish sauce.

It goes well with Oberlausitzer Abernstickl or Mauke. The recipe will tell you what they are ;)

Give it a try!

To the recipe

Gratinated carp

Gratinated carp with bacon and cheese - not only does it sound delicious, it's also quick and easy to prepare.

Give it a try!

To the recipe

Carp schnitzel with lemon

Schnitzel always works! Carola Arnold from the Kleenen Schänke thought so too and gave it a try: A classic carp schnitzel with lemon. The dish has been a hit with her cooking students ever since.

Try it for yourself!

To the recipe

Sturgeon, pike and co. stewed in vegetables and white wine

A feast for the eyes, easy to prepare and simpler than you think! 

Sturgeon, pike and co. in vegetables and white wine are a meal for every occasion.

To the recipe

Smoked trout on quick lentil vegetables

Simple, quick and delicious!
The dish tastes best with freshly smoked trout.

P.S.: With a few tricks, you can cook twice with just one meal.
Take a look.

To the recipe

Baked carp with crispy skin

If carp, then we had baked carp at home. From the oven, with a crispy skin thanks to flour and lots of butter. Served with the obligatory boiled potato and lettuce. A family feast.
Nowadays, many people no longer dare to try a whole fish and yet it is so easy. A second positive aspect is that the unloved bones come out of a whole fish much more easily. The fish meat literally falls off the bones. So take courage and go for it. Here is my recipe, a mixture of traditional and modern. Stuffed with vegetables and spices, it's just a little more contemporary and even tastier.

To the recipe

Lusatian fish experiences

Overview map of Lusatian fish

Did you know...?

... how carp and other fish are prepared in a particularly tasty way?

Discover a recipe to cook at home here!

Learn more

Do you know when the fishing festivals start and whether they take place?

Unfortunately, this year, due to the precautionary measures, the pond farms can only state that fishing festivals take place with reservation.

The harvest festivals in autumn start early in the morning. Autumn is traditionally the time when the cool modern or traditional fish dishes named on the restaurant menus are offered.

... where can you buy Lusatian fish?

You can buy fresh Lusatian fish in the farm shops and in the fish shops of the pond and fish farms involved. If you don't want to cook yourself, I recommend a visit to one of the participating restaurants. Fresh Lusatian fish is also served there, deliciously prepared.

... who is at the Lausitzer Fischwochen?

Partners of the Lausitzer Fischwochen are pond farms and fish farms, inns, hotels, guest houses, nature conservation institutions and tourism professionals. The partners of the Fish Weeks 2020 can be found here.

We look forward to your visit to the 19th Lusatian Fish Weeks 2020

Pond farming and fish farms, inns, hotels, guest houses, restaurants and other facilities are ready for your Lusatian fish experience.

The partners 2020

Here are the highlights of the Lusatian Fish Weeks

Guided pond hikes(unfortunately with a limited number of people), exhibitions, culinary evenings - there is always something going on during the Lusatian Fish Weeks.

Kompetenzprofil Lausitzer Fisch

Handreichung mit Problemstellungen, Lösungsansätzen und Ansprechpartnern

Gemeinsam wurde sich im "Lausitzer Fisch - Projektvorhaben zur Weiter- und Neuentwicklung von Marke und Maßnahmen" auf den Weg gemacht, die Herausforderungen des Lausitzer Fisches sowie seiner Akteure zu identifizieren und Lösungsansätze aufzuzeigen. Dieses Kompetenzprofil dient vor allem den Akteuren der Region, die direkt oder indirekt in der Fischereiwirtschaft tätig sind oder mit dieser zusammenarbeiten. Mit der Handreichung dieses Kompendiums verbinden wir die herzliche Bitte, dass sich noch intensiver für die einheimische Fischereiwirtschaft, für regionale Gastronomie und Hotellerie engagiert wird – sei es bei einer gemeinsamen Produkt- und Angebotsentwicklung, mittels gegenseitiger Information und Kommunikation oder auch aktiver Netzwerkarbeit. 

Das gemeinsame Ziel: Den Lausitzer Fisch als regionales, gesundes und nachhaltiges Lebensmittel noch stärker in das Bewusstsein, mehr in die Köpfe, in die Münder aber auch in die Herzen der Menschen und Gäste zu holen. 

Lausitzer Fisch-Erlebnisse

Entdeckungen im Land der Tausend Teiche

Entdeckt gemeinsam mit Fischers Franzi die Oberlausitzer Heide- und Teichlandschaft, lernt die Partner der Fischwochen und ihre Angebote kennen und findet heraus, wo es frischen Lausitzer Fisch zu genießen gibt.

Wir freuen uns auf euch!

These are our supporters. With their help it is possible that the Lusatian Fish Weeks take place.

This measure is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget decided by the members of the Saxon state parliament.

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