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Neisseland - Ein Stück Natur entdecken

Neisseland Discover a piece of nature


Discover a piece of nature

Bad Muskau © Rainer Weisflog

Experience the Neisseland

In Pückler's footsteps

Hardly anyone else has shaped landscape and garden art in Upper Lusatia as much as Pückler. He has left many traces in the park he created in Bad Muskau. Go on a search for clues, get to know Muskauer Park.

Created by Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau in the 19th century, the Muskauer Park, with its 830 hectares, is one of the largest parks in Central Europe today. On a stroll through the UNESCO World Heritage you will come across majestic trees, curved paths, lakes, the Neisse as a border river and of course the beautiful New Castle, in whose tower you get a view over the park and the entire region around Bad Muskau. You can find out a lot of interesting facts about Hermann-Fürst von Pückler-Muskau in the exhibition Pückler! Pückler! -Easy to grasp or during a park tour.

Pure family adventure

Fun, action and entertainment - you will find it all in the "Secret World of Turisede". This exciting adventure park has something to offer for every target group.

When you are a guest in the "Secret World of Turisede", you are immersed in a very special world of experience! In the green ringed adventure wilderness you have to climb through, crawl through, explore and try out. Winding paths, underground secret labyrinths, a fabulous magic castle, the discovery of a lost people or nights of adventure in the tree house will cast a spell over you. In addition, you can cross the Neisse Bridge with its floating Neisse Cafe directly to the Polish side, where you will be greeted by an exciting escape room or the 1st German-Polish buffalo flat share. A special kind of cultural program awaits you when you visit the Krönum.

Water, water, water!

Once a lignite mining area, today it is a local recreation area. Many lakes in Neisseland offer ideal conditions for water sports.

Those who are completely in their element in the water can actively or passively immerse themselves in the various sports in the Wake & Beach facility on the Halbendorfer See: The sun terrace there is the ideal lookout to relax and examine the skills of water skiers and wakeboarders and offers ideal conditions to get into water sports yourself. If that's not enough for you, you will find ideal bathing and water sports conditions at the Bärwalder or Berzdorfer See or get on your bike and drive around the lakes.

Niesky - a model town for modern timber house construction

Did you know that industrialized wooden house construction originated in the small town of Niesky and from there conquered the world?

You can experience a little journey into bygone regions with a visit to Niesky. It is worth taking a look at the Konrad-Wachsmann-Haus there. This house is reminiscent of the famous architect Konrad Wachsmann and his modern design language, which is an outstanding example of industrialized timber house construction. The architect designed and lived in the house himself. It was later extensively renovated and now opens its doors to visitors interested in design. Almost 100 other wooden houses from the 1920s and 30s have been preserved in Niesky to this day.

The Lusatian Neisseland

Lusatian Neisseland is one of the youngest holiday regions in Upper Lusatia and is therefore still an insider tip. The multifaceted stretch of land extends along the eponymous Neisse between the UNESCO World Heritage Fürst-Pückler-Park Bad Muskau and the Berzdorf Lake near Görlitz and offers many opportunities for unforgettable holiday experiences.

A visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Fürst-Pückler-Park Bad Muskau is a must. Pückler's work can be explored over a total of 50 kilometers. The constantly changing landscapes are fascinating and reflect the special features of this park. Visitors can stroll on the ground of two states, because since the border was drawn in 1945 around two thirds of the park has been on Polish territory. A special tip is a trip on the Muskau Forest Railway, an old industrial railway. This connects the park in Bad Muskau with the azalea and rhododendron park in Kromlau.

In the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Heath and Pond Landscape, visitors come very close to nature. The region of 1,000 ponds with its special flora and fauna can be discovered on beautiful bike paths or interesting educational trails. The Global UNESCO Geopark Muskau Arches is no less interesting. The landscape created in the last Ice Age runs across the border from Brandenburg via Saxony to Poland and is cut in the middle by the Neisse. The Geopark with its colorful lakes and the still visible folds of the landscape can be experienced particularly well during a guided tour.

Cyclists get their money's worth in Neisseland. The entire region can be explored along a well-developed network of cycle paths and various round trips. The Neißeland tour, the frog cycle path, the wolf cycle path or the Oder-Neisse cycle path are particularly recommended.

In the Königshain Mountains and on the Rotstein, it is worth swapping your bike for hiking boots to experience the region on foot. Action fans will be delighted by the various water sports on the Halbendorfer See, the Quitzdorf Reservoir, the Bärwalder See and the Berzdorfer See near Görlitz. Boat tours on the wild and romantic Neisse are particularly popular with young and old. The latter is great for a family outing. Alternatively, families can experience real adventures in the "Secret World of Turisede", immerse themselves in the Krauschwitz Adventure World or watch the animals in the zoos.

The Neisseland is a special kind of pleasure for young and old. Embark on a journey of discovery through the unspoilt nature, past places steeped in history and cultural highlights.

Did you know that Neisseland has three UNESCO titles? In addition to the German-Polish UNESCO World Heritage Fürst-Pückler-Park Bad Muskau, you can also visit the UNESCO Geopark Muskau Arch and the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Heath and Pond Landscape in Neisseland.

Discover Neisseland

Whether cycling, paddling, enjoying the beautiful parks and lots of nature - there is a lot to experience in Neisseland. More information can be found here.

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Event highlights

Sorbian Easter egg market, folklore or Neisse Adventure Race - it never gets boring in Neisseland. Discover the events of the Neisseland.

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Active through Neisseland

Cyclists feel particularly at home in Neisseland. Decide for yourself whether you prefer to cycle comfortably in the "flat" area or cycle the more challenging paths in the Upper Lusatian highlands.

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What accommodations are there in Neisseland?

Whether hotels, cozy guesthouses, beautiful holiday apartments or idyllic campsites - our hosts look forward to your visit. To find the ideal accommodation for your stay, click through the host overview on the Neisselandes website or contact our tourist information.

How can I comfortably reach Neisseland without a car?

You can take the train from Dresden to Görlitz every hour. Trains also run from Berlin to Neisseland via Cottbus every hour. Depending on the location of your accommodation, you can get off in Weißwasser, Rietschen, Horka and Görlitz.

What can I do with the family when I visit Neisseland?

Children feel right at home in Neisseland, because there is a lot to discover here. Explore, for example, the secret world of Turisede in Zentendorf, splash around in the Krauschwitz adventure world, take a ride on the Muskau forest railway or visit our zoos in Görlitz and Weißwasser. There is something for everyone here.

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