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Westlausitz - Kultur aktiv erfahren

West Lusatia Experience culture actively

West Lusatia

Experience culture actively

View of the district of Bretnig header © Stephan Boehlig Westlausitz eV
West Lusatia Actively experience culture

West Lusatia

Actively experience culture

View of the district of Bretnig header © Stephan Boehlig Westlausitz eV

How West Lusatia surprises its guests

Have fun on the move and actively relax

By bike and on foot to the highlights of the region

Visitors can experience the special features of West Lusatia on four themed, fully signposted cycle routes. The cultural route, the product route, the nature experience route and the Röderrad route take cyclists to the places that make West Lusatia special. Mountain bikers can meet at the BlackMountain Bikepark on the Schwarzenberg in Elstra. A total of four downhill trails are available. Hikers will find numerous hiking trails in Karswald, Hüttertal, Seifersdorfer Tal, Luchsenburg and Massenei. There are also varied routes between Rammenau and the Butterberg. Various geocaching routes have been developed especially for cyclists and hikers in West Lusatia, which focus on the history of West Lusatia.

Off to something uniquely traditional

See and marvel at what skillful hands create

West Lusatia is full of surprises. They are delicious and tasty, beautiful to look at, solidly crafted and traditionally made. In terms of craft traditions, Pulsnitz has a special place in the region with its historic blueprinting workshop, pottery and pepper confectionery dating back to 1558. In the Arnsdorf district of Wallroda, a manufactory produces artificial flowers that even delight the English royal court. The Technical Museum of Ribbon Weaving documents the development of ribbon weaving in Großröhrsdorf and the surrounding area since 1680. In the "Alte Steinsäge" (Old Stone Saw) adventure museum in Demitz-Thumitz, visitors can gain an insight into the technical development of granite quarrying.

Towards the enchantingly beautiful

A visit to the castles, parks and museums promises lasting impressions

Klippenstein Castle is a gem in Radeberg with its town museum, which provides deep insights into the history of the beer town. The Seifersdorf valley just outside Dresden has inspired poets, scholars and artists. Even today, the site is still recommended as an excursion destination for magical impressions and relaxing hours. The baroque castle in Rammenau, the most beautiful country baroque complex in Saxony, Seifersdorf Castle, which was rebuilt by Schinkel into its present form, and the castle park in Großharthau are also well worth a visit. Art lovers should head to the town of Bischofswerda, where there is a gallery named after the expressionist Carl Lohse.

Off to adventurous fun

Meet Winnetou, watch brown bears and enjoy swimming fun

Fun, amazement, romping around - there are many places in West Lusatia where families and their children get their money's worth. Bischofswerda attracts visitors with Saxony's smallest animal park, where they can not only observe brown bears and squirrel monkeys, but also learn a lot about local animals at various stations. Visitors to the gingerbread museum in Pulsnitz can experience the taste of gingerbread not only during the Advent season. Since 1993, children and young people from the "Gojko Mitic" drama group have been performing a new play by Karl May at the Waldbühne in Bischofswerda to sold-out audiences. In summer, seven outdoor pools in the region provide fun and refreshment.

Into the beautiful landscape

Have fun on the move and actively relax in the midst of a charming landscape

A varied and charming landscape welcomes visitors to West Lusatia. The Black Elster, Große Röder, Wesenitz and Pulsnitz rivers flow through the area, which should appeal to cyclists and hikers alike. Extensive forest areas such as the Massenei, the Karswald and the Luchsenburg dominate the landscape. The Seifersdorf Valley is one of the earliest landscape gardens in Germany and is still considered one of the most beautiful of its kind. The Radeberger Hüttertal valley is ideal for long hikes. At 449 meters, the Hochstein is the highest peak in West Lusatia. Other vantage points include the Butterberg in Bischofswerda, the Schwedenstein in Steina and the Tanneberg in Ohorn.

Mammoth garden - experience what connects nature

Plant shopping, garden design, gastronomy, events, fun and games for the whole family

Around the world in one day in the garden of continents, the MAMMUTGARTEN in Prietitz near Kamenz.

With over 3 km of paths and more than 7 hectares of grounds, it offers numerous opportunities to linger and relax and takes visitors on a trip around the world. It brings together a large part of our global plant world - some of the plants have traveled well over 20,000km to create this idyll.
The vision is to combine knowledge and passion for rare plants and woody plants as well as endangered rarities with cultural and leisure activities for the whole family.

You can expect planted learning and adventure trails, play areas for children, rest areas, nature stages and culinary highlights in the restaurant, beer garden and the lovingly designed BIOMARKT.

Western Lusatia

Magnificent castles, traditional crafts and a gentle hilly landscape that is ideal for hikers and cyclists characterize West Lusatia. Located between the state capital of Dresden and the city of Bautzen, the region offers ideal conditions for local recreation. After all, tourist diversity between nature and culture is one of the region's trademarks.

For example, there are the imposing castles: in Rammenau, guests will find the baroque castle, known as the most beautiful country baroque complex in Saxony. Every year, the great ambience of the castle delights the numerous visitors to the International Linen Days, which traditionally take place on the last weekend in August. Seifersdorf Castle has the magic of a fairytale palace. For a long time, it served as the seat of the family of Count von Brühl and was rebuilt in its present form in the 19th century according to the plans of architect Schinkel. With its exhibitions, concerts and readings, Klippenstein Castle in Radeberg is a cultural center for the town and the region. The classicist town hall in Bischofswerda and the historic Pulsnitz market square with its octagonal fountain and monument dedicated to one of the town's most important residents, the sculptor Ernst Rietschel, are also real eye-catchers. A visit to Grossharthau Castle Park is worthwhile at any time of year. During the annual Lebensart lifestyle fairs held in June and October.

West Lusatia is also the right place for anyone who wants to experience the creativity and inventiveness of craftsmanship. The manufacture of regional products has a long tradition here. Gingerbread is particularly popular in Pulsnitz. It is also home to what is probably the oldest blueprint workshop still in production in Germany. Rödertal has been the center of ribbon weaving since the 19th century, the history of which is vividly presented in the Technical Museum in Großröhrsdorf. At Klippenstein Castle, the permanent exhibition "Industrial Town of Radeberg" displays over 500 exhibits that provide information about the industrial development of the town. The "Alte Steinsäge" adventure museum in Demitz-Thumitz shows the history of granite mining in the region.

But West Lusatia doesn't just have a lot to offer culturally. Visitors can also reach many of the places that make West Lusatia so special via the region's four themed cycle routes - the cultural route, the nature experience route, the product route and the Röderradroute. The cultural route leads past historic castles, gardens, museums and galleries as well as the region's most beautiful monuments. The nature experience route connects some of the most beautiful natural sites. The product route leads past show workshops and manufactories with traditional products such as pottery, gingerbread, blue printing, wooden artifacts and textile ribbons. The supra-regional Röderradroute follows the course of the Große Röder from its source in Röderbrunn (municipality of Rammenau) to Brandenburg. Mountain bikers will find the BlackMountain BikePark on the Schwarzenberg in Elstra with a total of four descents.

Beautiful hiking trails lead through the Seifersdorfer Tal, one of the earliest landscape gardens in Germany and still one of the most beautiful of its kind, the forest areas of Luchsenburg and Massenei as well as the Karswald and Hüttertal.

West Lusatia also has great offers for families. There are seven outdoor swimming pools in the region. The animal and culture park in Bischofswerda welcomes visitors all year round. In the gingerbread museum in Pulsnitz, visitors can decorate the delicious gingerbread themselves. The Waldbühne stage attracts thousands of visitors to Bischofswerda every year in June and July with a performance of a play by Karl May.

Discover West Lusatia

There is plenty to discover in West Lusatia. Active, cultural, adventurous - there is something for everyone. Find your personal favorite!

West Lusatia offers

Tourist information

The region's tourist information offices will help you plan your visit to West Lusatia. Here you will find all the information you need to help you plan your individual stay.

Tourist Information West Lusatia


Whether it's the gingerbread market in Pulsnitz, the Karl May Festival in Bischofswerda, the Leinentage in Rammenau or the LebensArt fair in Großharthau - there's always something going on in West Lusatia!

Event overview

Useful information for your visit

Which cycle routes in West Lusatia are particularly suitable for excursions with children?

The cultural route is the route that can also be ridden with children without any problems. The route runs mainly on asphalted roads. Only the detour to Elstra is more difficult, as it passes through the Luchsenburg castle. A visit to the animal and culture park in Bischofswerda is a must for children. The product route is a moderately difficult tour that can be easily completed by any leisure cyclist, while the nature adventure route is for ambitious cyclists and mountain bikers.

What regional delicacies can visitors look forward to?

The West Lusatia region offers something for every taste. First and foremost, of course, are the world-famous products such as Radeberg beer and Pulsnitz gingerbread. The Radberg liqueurs or the "Schmiedefeuer" from Rammenau offer further enjoyment. The juices from the Walther winery in Arnsdorf offer a wonderful natural taste, and not just for children.

Which traditional crafts are typical of West Lusatia?

Pulsnitz is home to what is probably the oldest blueprinting workshop still in production, a craft that was recently declared an intangible world cultural heritage site. There are also numerous pottery workshops that paint their products with typical regional patterns. Another special feature is the artificial flower manufactory in the Arnsdorf district of Wallroda. Even the milliners of the English royal family are customers of this unique manufactory. In Steina and Bischofswerda there are wooden art workshops, which also depict typical Upper Lusatian motifs such as Easter riding.


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