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Pücklers Gartenträume

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Pückler's garden dreams Palaces, parks and gardens in Upper Lusatia and the Giant Mountains

Pückler's garden dreams

Palaces, parks and gardens in Upper Lusatia and the Giant Mountains

Fuerst Pueckler Park Bad Muskau header © Rene Egmont Pech

Experience the common cultural heritage up close!

Unique palaces and castles on both sides of the Neisse

Who doesn't know the castles of Neschwitz, Rammenau, Königshain or Krobnitz? Numerous magnificent buildings in Upper Lusatia astonish us just by looking at them. But the Polish Giant Mountains also have a considerable number of graceful castles to offer. The Schaffgotsche Palais in Bad Warmbrunn or Schloss Schildau are pearls that are worth discovering. The ruins of the Kynastburg and Tzschocha Castle are also highlights that transport you to another time. Go on a journey into the dream world of famous architects!

Green oases in Upper Lusatia and the Giant Mountains

Artfully arranged flowers that present you with their wonderful and colorful blooms - strong trees that are so firmly anchored in the ground with their roots and yet seem to grow up to the sky - wide meadows that invite you to relax. All of this is what defines the numerous parks on both sides of the Neisse. The calm that emanates from these green oases is only interrupted by softly babbling watercourses and the singing of birds. Escape everyday life for a while and discover the blossom-rich parks of Upper Lusatia and the Polish Giant Mountains!

Insider tips and hidden treasures

Do you want to discover something new, admire real insider tips, marvel at hidden places or do you already know the well-known beauties of Upper Lusatia and the Giant Mountains? Then let yourself be carried away on an exciting search for hidden treasures. The Drehsa or Oberrengersdorf castles, the palace and park complex in Radomierzyce, Poland or the Bolczów castle ruins are real gems that you should explore!

Pückler's garden dreams

On both sides of the Neisse, in east Germany and west Poland, there are unique parks, castles and gardens. Many are still an insider tip - a treasure to be discovered. The best architects and landscape architects of Central Europe have worked here. Probably the best known of them are Prince Herrmann von Pückler-Muskau, Karl Friedrich Schinkel and Joseph Lenné.

Especially in today's fast-moving times, parks and gardens as oases of calm invite you to unwind and relax in nature. Magnificently grown trees, imposing shrubs and colorful flowers show the changing seasons and are a treat for our senses. They outlast us humans and give us a very special feeling for time and space, convey growth and security.

An outstanding example is the Fürst-Pückler-Park in Bad Muskau, which is known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Exemplary garden architecture with extensive lawns, babbling watercourses, exciting lines of sight and impressive trees can be discovered here!

In addition to the Rammenau baroque castle, the Seifersdorfer Tal, the Nochten boulder park and the castles in the Hirschberger Tal, for example in Lomnitz, Buchwald or Erdmannsdorf, there are other worthwhile destinations for those interested in gardens and parks.

The unique castles, parks and gardens invite you to walk in the footsteps of the past and get to know a part of European cultural history better.

It is a unique cultural heritage that connects Upper Lusatia and the Giant Mountains. Escape from everyday life and go on a journey through the dreams of famous landscape architects and architects!

Insider tip

In addition to the famous and well-known palaces, castles and parks, Upper Lusatia and the Giant Mountains also offer true insider tips. The castles Nedaschütz, Spreewiese, Tauchritz, Fischbach as well as the Karlsfried Castle and the Paulinum zu Hirschberg are hidden treasures that are worth finding.

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