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More time with the family

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More time with the family

150 kilometers of experiences between Bautzen and Görlitz

The 150-kilometre tour between the two largest cities in Upper Lusatia, Bautzen and Görlitz, promises a wonderful mix of cultural encounters, impressive landscapes and natural wonders, active recreation and shared adventures. 


Immerse yourself in refreshing lakes and the secret worlds of Upper Lusatia, relax in one of the most beautiful landscape parks in Europe, gain insights into the unique culture of the Sorbs, picturesque cityscapes and extraordinary animal encounters - an extensive cycle tour through the heart of Upper Lusatia, between the Spree and Neisse rivers, biosphere reserve and World Heritage Site, promises special experiences for the whole family. 


If you don't want to sit in the saddle for as long , you can also cycle the twin cycle path only as far as Uhyst(40-kilometre tour) or the route between Zittau and Bautzen(70-kilometre tour). 

The route at a glance

The adventure is calling

The pearl of Upper Lusatia

Strolling along the Neisse at , looking at St. Peter's Church from the Old Town Bridge or wandering through the picturesque old town of Görlitz can make a family vacation feel like a Hollywood movie.

The easternmost city in the country combines centuries of architectural styles, diverse cultural and leisure activities and a special flair in a small area. 

Those with a thirst for knowledge and animal lovers should definitely visit the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History or the zoo zoo.

A ride on the vintage train or an excursion to the nearby Lake Berzdorf make for a great break from everyday family life.   

Off into the countryside

If you are drawn to the countryside, it is best to start your bike tour in Bautzen and follow the quiet village roads and cycle paths past the reservoir into the Upper Lusatian heath and  pond landscape, where there is a diverse flora and fauna to explore.

Young and old explorers can also gain a wealth of knowledge and an insight into the unique natural environment at in the HOUSE OF A THOUSAND PONDS in Wartha. If you need a break from cycling, hop on the forest railway to Bad Muskau or Kromlau and relax on a ride through the countryside. 

The over 1000-year-old city

Visible from afar, historic Bautzen welcomes its guests with the impressive backdrop of its towers and imposing buildings. With its direct highway and train connections and countless leisure activities, the capital of the Sorbs is the perfect starting point for unforgettable family adventures on foot, by bike, in the countryside or on the Spree. 

Here come dinosaur fansculture enthusiasts, courageous climbers, medieval experts, mustard lovers and adventurers. If you want to combine the beautiful with the useful, Bautzen offers a bike service and rental, travel provisions and souvenirs as well as numerous catering and accommodation options.

Treasures of the earth's history

Amateur geologists get their money's worth in the Muskau Arch Geopark . The transnational Fürst-Pückler-Park in Bad Muskau is a true work of landscape art. 

The Rhododendron Park in Kromlau also invites you to linger, at least to catch the best view of one of the country's most famous photo motifs: the Rakotz Bridge

There is even more geological history to touch near Boxberg in the Nochten boulder park. The variety of shapes, colors and structures of different rocks, plants and landscape elements in this extraordinary park makes a family outing an unforgettable experience.

Surfing and wellness

Along the route, numerous indoor and outdoor pools and lakes promise refreshment, water sports and bathing fun.

In Krauschwitznear Bad Muskau, swimming and splashing around can also be wonderfully combined with wellness offers such as saunas and massages.

Those who prefer more action should make a stopover in Rothenburg/Oberlausitz and switch from bike to boat.

Whether it's a picnic with a view of the lake, cooling off in the reservoir, surfing or a sporty boat tour, the unique natural landscape of Upper Lusatia offers perfect conditions for a vacation on and in the water. water

Pure adventure

Nights in the tree house, a very special adventure leisure parklaser tag, an alternative children's play park in Neißeaue, archery, a maze crossing a maze, the high ropes course through mountains and valleys by train, boat tours through untouched nature or camping by the lake - there are many adventures awaiting brave adventurers along the twin cycle path between Bautzen and Görlitz.

The rain variant

If the weather prevents a tour through the Upper Lusatian countryside, there are numerous alternative options along the route away from the cycle path.

Those with a thirst for knowledge can spend the day at the  aviation museum or theHOUSE OF A THOUSAND PONDSin Bautzen, learn all about the Sorbs or visit an interactive exhibition about the natural wonders of the region in Görlitz.

If you want to work off some energy, you can scramble through the region's bathing worlds, win at laser tag or put your arms to the test at indoor archery.

Those interested in culture will also enjoy a stopover in Schleife.

The best along the way

Questions and answers

What is the best way to travel by train?

If you want to leave your car at home, take the RE train to or between Bautzen and Görlitz at . Current information at:

How and where can I hire bikes in the region?

If you want to travel without bikes, you can hire bikes and accessories from several providers in Bautzen and Görlitz . The bike store Radwerk also offers a rental service for the whole of Upper Lusatia, so you can get on and off flexibly along the way.  

Are there catering facilities on the route or do I have to cater for myself?

Family-friendly cafés and restaurants in Bautzen and Görlitz offer something for everyone. There are bakeries, inns and snack bars in many towns along the way   (note seasonal opening times), for example in Bad Muskau, Rothenburg/Oberlausitz, Uhsyt, Wartha or Großdubrau. If you want to eat flexibly along the way, it is best to stock up for a picnic in the countryside in Bautzen or Görlitz. 

Where is the best place to stay along the route?

Bautzen and Görlitz offer a great selection of family-friendly accommodation to suit every need and budget. Outdoor enthusiasts can also spend the night at the campsite along the route, for example at the Bautzen reservoir, the Blue Adriatic in Crosta, Lake Olba, Lake Halbendorf or Rothenburg/Oberlausitz. There are also smaller guesthouses or vacation apartments at in Wartha, Guttau or Bad Muskau. You can find a selection of bike-friendly accommodation in Upper Lusatia at: Bett+Bike overview

Can I shorten the route?

Between Bautzen and Görlitz, you can change from bike to bus or train at various stops along the way. Up-to-date information at:

When is the perfect time to travel?

In spring, when nature awakens from hibernation and Bautzen celebrates a very special Easter festival characterized by Sorbian culture. In summer, when it is warm and bright for a long time and numerous bathing lakes promise a refreshing dip after a day on the bike. In autumn, when a unique play of colors can be seen along the roadside and an entire region celebrates the unique spectacle of fishing during the Lusatian Fish Weeks. In short, Upper Lusatia is worth a visit all year round. An overview of current events in Upper Lusatia for the whole family can be found here: Event highlights.

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